People Who Use Emojis Are Having More Sex Than People Who Don't

Did you really need another reason?

In exciting news that actually probably won't change your life, conducted a survey of  5,675 people over the age of 18 that proves that those who use emojis when texting are more likely to be having sex than those who are not.

The reasons people are using emojis are simple: They show personality and are more convenient. USA Today spoke with Helen Fisher, one of the creators of the survey, who elaborated that "emoji users may be more self-expressive and in turn more sexual."

The Match survey also mentions the most commonly used emojis by singles who are looking to (and are most successful at) getting laid are 1. wink (53%); 2. smiley (38%); and 3. kiss (27%).

Just something to think about next time you send a squirting eggplant to someone you're into.


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