13 Women Share The Pettiest Things They've Fought About In A Relationship

And it didn't mean their relationships were doomed.
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Most people in relationships have arguments, and that's normal. But for some reason (pop culture, romantic comedies, romantic novels...) some of us believe a healthy relationship involves never having a fight. To prove this wrong, people in happy relationships are sharing the pettiest arguments they've had with their partner. Because sometimes we all just love a good old argument.

  1. "I was taking a shower. My husband decided to join. He got done before me. He proceeded to dry off...in the shower and got mad at me for getting him wet while I was washing my hair. I told him to get out and dry off. He didn't want to. I banned him from showering with me for a few months after that stupidity." [via]
  2. "My ex came over and I put on Stranger Things. We finished season one and were going to start season two. I turned it on, and I noticed it was strange he was telling me what was going to happen before it happened. I asked if he'd watched it. 'It was so good I just had to,' he said. I got really pissed, and we started arguing. It was the dumbest disagreement ever. He's never cursed, yelled, or said anything demeaning towards me. But he said, 'It’s not that fucking serious' that really pushed me over the edge. We made up a few hours later." [via]
  3. "He had a massive blackhead on his cheek and he promised I could squeeze it. He squeezed it himself. I was on my period and made a mountain out of a molehill." [via]
  4. "We have a sofa, it's ugly and low to the ground. Guests have a hard time getting out of it. I wanted a new one and to throw away the old one. He wanted to keep the old one because we had sex for the first time on it. We argued back and forth on why we should throw away the old one. I saw no need for two sofas, he wanted to keep it for the above mentioned sentimental reasons. Now the old one sits in my bedroom mocking me, but I did get a new one for the living room." [via]
  5. "How to dust. I said wiping things off with a dry rag is practically the same as pushing around dust. You need to either use a damp rag that you periodically rinse or use a vacuum cleaner." [via]
  6. "He thought there wasn't anything wrong with wearing a jacket in bed. I still seethe about it." [via]
  7. "How fast we walk when we walk the dog. I like a brisk walk, he likes to walk slowly. We finally agreed we wouldn't be walking the dog together anymore." [via]
  8. "Putting baked beans with something that shouldn't have baked beans in it... I stormed off and cried!" [via]
  9. "I suggested they should rinse out pans immediately after using them instead of leaving them on the counter to become dry and crusty and impossible to clean. They fucking lost it on me saying I was being unfair and condescending. Huge argument ensued. The whole time I was in disbelief that we were arguing about such a small thing." [via]
  10. "How to cut a pizza. I was using a pizza wheel and a cake lifter. He was adamant I had to use a regular butter knife and screamed at me for doing it wrong." [via]
  11. "We almost had a breakup over how to fold towels. We never agreed, I fold them in half lengthwise and then roll them up. He folds them into squares. My way takes up less space and it looks better." [via]
  12. "If I should be allowed to finish a book that she started weeks ago and hasn't touched since that first day. I'm a fast reader and paid for half the book so I didn't think it would be a problem. Little did I know....(We aren't fighting about it anymore but it is the DUMBEST thing we have ever done)." [via]
  13. "There was this one time my SO lost his shit when I chose the slightly larger pork chop." [via]
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