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Pinoys Confess Their Most Embarrassing Sex Stories

Some are embarrassing, some are just really gross. So, what's your story?

My girlfriend and I checked into a motel one night after some heavy drinking with our friends. We were so drunk. We started fooling around when I decided to go down on her. As I was licking her between her thighs, I suddenly got this weird taste of metal in my mouth. When I went to the bathroom to check, I turned the light on and saw that my mouth was bloody. My girl had just gotten her period! I looked like a vampire who had just gotten his fix.” —Auggs, 28

I was in the throes of a steamy sexual experience with this girl I was dating. We were going at it really rough on her couch. In an effort to impress, I lifted her mid-thrust to switch positions. As I was doing so, her head slammed into the wall. She ended up with a nasty bump, but we laughed it off and finished the deed.” —Tats, 28

This hot girl I met at a bar decided to take me home to her apartment. She wanted to give me a blowjob and of course, I agreed. As she was sucking me off, it felt so good that I immediately came in her mouth without warning. She was surprised and suddenly spat my sperm out of her mouth, the cum dripping slowly onto my stomach like drool. Let’s just say, it wasn’t so sexy. “ —Javvy, 23

This girl I had a thing with at my office always wanted to fool around while we were in public. One night while we were at a mall, we decided to get nasty in one of the stalls of the men’s bathroom. As we were humping, we didn’t notice that a security guard had walked in. He knocked on the door, reprimanded us, and forced us to sign a statement at their head office. It was a grueling experience and I will never show my face at that place ever again.” —Marts, 26

I have a hairy chest and my girlfriend, for some awesome reason, loves licking my nipples. I’m not complaining, but one time as she was doing so, she suddenly stopped and started making a spitting noise. When I asked what was wrong, she told me she had gotten some hair stuck on her teeth. Now, she makes me trim my chest every so often.” —Lex, 33

I used to date this older lady who owned a lot of dogs. I found it really weird that we’d have sex in her room with three of her most favorite mutts hanging around. One night as we were having sex, her labrador suddenly went ape-shit and started barking at me. I got so scared that I ran out of the room without any clothes on, where there were even more dogs just loitering around. The funny thing is, we were doing it doggy-style.” —Stanley, 24

My girl and I like to tie each other up once in a while during intercourse. One sweaty afternoon, we had the urge to do the deed. I took my neckties and tied her to the bedposts. I even blindfolded her to add some extra kink. As I was plowing into her, enjoying the naughtiness of it all, my parents suddenly walked into the room. I forgot to lock the door. Wanting to surprise us for merienda, my ’rents didn’t message to let us know they were coming over. Sadly, they got a great view of my buttocks as I was hammering my girlfriend. To make things worse, my girl didn’t really understand what was going on until I removed the handkerchief from her eyes. To say that merienda was awkward would be an understatement.” Long, 35

This girl I used to date once gave me a handjob while inside a taxi. I was enjoying it at first, thinking that the cab driver couldn’t see what we were up to. But after a few minutes of her touching me inappropriately, I saw the driver look at me in the rearview mirror, winking and moving his eyebrows in a manyak gesture. I lost my boner right then and there and asked him to drop us off on the side of the road. Thinking about the creepy look he gave me still sends shivers down my spine.” Polo, 22