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Is Pokemon Go Ruining Your Relationship?

Dates at the mall have turned into an excuse to attend Lure Parties.
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1. Your boyfriend is never home.

EVER! He’s always out and about, searching for rare Pokémon in your neighborhood. At least when he was obsessed with his PS4, you knew where to find him: in his bedroom. Now, you’re constantly worried about his whereabouts. Look on the bright side, CGs! The silver lining is he’s trying to catch Pokémon and not other girls. 

2. Dates at the mall have turned into an excuse to attend Lure Parties.

And you thought he was taking you to Cibo for dinner and Barcino for drinks for a romantic night out. Haaaaaay, buhay!

3. The amount of attention he gives the app is making you jealous.

Can you blame him? Face it! You’re no competition against the cuteness of Bulbasaur and Charmander.

4. Sex is now always suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a Pokémon he hasn’t caught.

Just when you’re about to climax, he suddenly screams, “Wait lang, babe! May Pikachu!” Girl, your Pikachu deserves better than this!

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5. He’s spending all your couple funds on in-app purchases.

Forget about that vacay to Palawan you guys were saving up for; he needs lucky eggs, incense, and incubators!

6. You’re afraid he’ll meet a hot Pokémon trainer during one of his epic battles.

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This might be a good enough reason to download the game for yourself and see what the fuss is all about.

7. Your friends are adding you to their Pokémon Go widow group.

Don’t be afraid to join the club. It can be a great support system.