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We Asked Real Girls: What Do You Want To Ask Your Ex's New GF?

We Asked Real Girls: What Do You Want To Ask Your Ex's New GF?

Most of us would rather eat a can of worms than talk to our exes’ new girlfriends, because really, who would want all that drama and discomfort? But if we’re honest about it, we’ve all got a few questions about our exes’ subsequent relationships swirling in our heads.

We asked real girls to answer this: “What do you want to ask your ex’s new girlfriend?” From the wistful musings to the concerned warnings to the scathing one-liners we got in reply, it’s clear that we will always kind of wonder how our exes moved on. Even though we’re, like, SO OVER THEM, SWEAR.

First of all, we want the new girl to know that we’re aware she’s been keeping tabs on us on the sly.

  • “Have you ever stalked me on social media? If you have—and I’m sure you have—what did you think of me? I bet you said some nasty things about me to your friends.” –Ana
  • “Why did you stalk me on Twitter? And after stalking me, what did you learn? I saw that, you know. You followed me on Twitter, presumably by accident, and once you realized it, you suddenly went on private mode.” Trish

If it was a bad breakup, then obvs we’d want to give the boyfriend-stealer new girlfriend a piece of our mind.

  • “How did it feel when you knew all along that he was cheating on me with you? Was that okay for you, knowing you were hurting someone else?” –Kaye

Some of us itch to drop truth bombs on the new girl. But whatever—not our problem anymore!

  • “How did you make him commit? Or did he commit only because you two have a kid now? He used to have commitment issues—he cheated on me FOUR TIMES.” –Nicole
  • “Why do you think he chose you over me? He and I were together for 10 years. Did you know that a few days before your wedding, he consulted me and begged me to stop him? And did you know that he still kept contacting me up to a year into your marriage?” –Rachel
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Some of us grow pensive and wonder if our exes ever changed for the better—because they never did when they were with us. *tears*

  • “Does he hold your hand? Does he wrap his arms around you when you sleep beside each other? Because he never did any of that with me.” –Lisa
  • “Is he still as negative as he used to be? He used to be so seemingly unappreciative of everything. Laging nagsasalita ng nega, kahit lahat naman nag-e-enjoy. Maybe he learned something about gratitude when he lost me in his life.” –Roxy

When we know the ex-boyfriend has some unsavory traits, we’re not beyond expressing concern, from one woman to another.

  • “Is he still verbally and emotionally abusive? His mom revealed to me that he treated her that way, too, which means he has a history. If he's doing it to you, please leave. It's not worth it.” –Luna
  • “Has he also stolen from you? One time while at the library back in college, I left my bag—which then contained a lot of money—on the baggage counter. Then I saw my ex loitering a bit longer than necessary by the counter. Later, I discovered that my purse was gone! I also found out from other people that he really does have a history of stealing.” –Joanne

And of course, ther's this sassy mic drop that need no explanation.

  • “Does it bother you that he named your baby after me?” –Amanda

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