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Real Guys Dish: "We Love It When You Play Rough"

Find out why it's worth it to unleash your inner animal run in the bedroom. Cosmo got these real dudes to convince you.

Most guys assume you just want romantic, sensual lovemaking. But what they’re secretly jonesin’ for is an occasional wild, animalistic, boot-knocking session. “Men go nuts when you make lots of noise and grab at them like you want to devour them, because it shows that you’re completely caught up in the moment and turned on,” says psychologist Pam Spurr, PhD, author of Make Love All Night and Talk to Him in the Morning. “Plus, most guys can physically withstand more friction, and they crave a harder, faster touch than most women.”

  • “I was doing this girl from behind and had her pressed up against the wall. Each time I thrust, she would slam her butt back into me hard, make a grunting noise, and bang on the wall with her hand. She even knocked a few pictures down and woke my roommate up. Not only did it feel amazing to be so deep inside her, but I also dug how she was enjoying me so much that she lost all of her inhibitions.” - Jeff, 24

  • There’s nothing—and I mean nothing—hotter than a girl who suddenly discovers her sexual appetite while you’re with her. Like if she’s normally shy and reserved and then out of nowhere you manage to make her flail and bite and scream...Oh man, you feel like a sexual god. You know it was a good night when you have bite marks and scratches and maybe even a bruise or two the next morning—not serious injury, just a couple scars of battle.” - Ben, 29

  • “Once, I was having sex doggie-style when all of a sudden, the girl whipped her head around and, through gritted teeth, ordered me to pull her hair. I’d never heard a girl get so raw like that.” - KC, 23

  • It really sucks when a woman handles your manhood with care. Ladies, our units aren’t that sensitive. We need you to get a little rough with them—squeeze hard, suck hard, really grab on to it like you’re milking a cow. You may think you’re hurting him, but I guarantee if you asked, he’d request more, more.” - Steven, 23

  • You have to love a chick who gets forceful. This one girl would hold me by the wrists while she was on top of me in bed and push my arms back over my head. When I tried to lower my arms and grab on to her, she’d take my arms again and put them back over my head. All I wanted to do was touch her, but I felt like a prisoner.” - Ryan, 29
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