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Relationship Tips: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Not sure about your relationship? Real women talk about how they made the choice to give up or to keep holding on.


When he's disrespectful. "Paul treated me like a princess, but he had a sungit streak. At a restaurant one night, the waiter spilled my water, and Paul yelled that he was tanga. I realized I could never be with a man who would disrespect someone else like that." —Sarah, 30

When she considered cheating on him. "After six months of dating, I still didn't feel very passionate about Vince. Then I ran into my ex, and we wound up having sex. To my surprise, all I wanted was Vince. Not that I recommend cheating, but my infidelity was what saved our relationship." —Cindy, 23

When the passion is gone. "At my friend's wedding, her husband gave her this look like she was the most amazing person on earth. I could never imagine my guy looking at me like that, and I decided I deserved the same kind of intense relationship that my friend had found." —Nina, 33


When he's great with kids. "My boyfriend and I had been dating for six years but weren't sure whether to take things to the next level. Then when he was playing with my little cousins at a family party, I realized what a great dad he would be and fell in love with him again." —Gina, 25

When he truly values the relationship. "John and I had been fighting a lot, and I was ready to give up on us. But when searching under his bed for my shoe, I found a box filled with pictures of us, cards I'd written him, even the movie stub from our first date. I decided then to make it work." —Yasmin, 28

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