PSA: People Can Tell If You're Reusing Your Nudes!

This is not a drill, iPhone users!

Everyone knows how nudes work. You give them, receive them, maybe even actually honk off to them when you say you are. Sometimes they can be an intimate thing between partners, and sometimes the guy on the bus air-dropping his peen is just proud of his phat dick (read: Do not be that guy).

But either way, how can you ensure you’re not getting caught sending a recycled nude?

By definition, a recycled nude is the one from two years ago that you keep hidden away in your camera roll because your boobs are Emily Ratajkowski-esque and your booty is popped thanks to some really great lighting.

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Sending an old sext is the go-to move when you want your boo to believe you’re DJ'ing that clit, but really, you’re sitting at home gnawing on honey chipotle chicken crispers.

So here's the deal.

If you're an iPhone user, consider your camera roll a genius, because it essentially saves the nude or sexy pic according to the date it was actually taken (you can thank the Cloud for that!).

For example, let's say your bae took a nude two months ago. When they resend it to you, and you save that picture, it will automatically populate to two months ago in your camera roll. Dangerous, right?

Try it yourself. When you receive a nude pic, save it to your camera roll (but, like, be smart and respectful ofc and assume they're only sharing it with YOU because they only want YOU to see). If the picture was taken recently, it will save accordingly in your camera roll—as in, it will be the most recent picture saved.

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But, if you suddenly can’t find the nude your hottie bae sent, it’s probably not because you didn’t save it correctly… it’s because they’re reusing an old photo that may or may not have been sent to other peeps, which is why it's landing further up in your camera roll. Sorry, sis!


  1. You can be honest and tell your partner that you're really not 'so horny' thinking about them as you play Wordscapes mindlessly on your phone. This will kill the mood, yes, but no sexting required!
  2. You can get up and recreate that beautiful nude yourself. Belfies FTW.
  3. You can keep your nude-sharing on platforms that don't allow the receiver to save the pic. So, like, stay away from texting and try an app like Wickr, which allows you to safely and discreetly share pics that eventually are destroyed.
  4. You can do you, girl, and hope your partner doesn't find this article.
  5. You can only go for dudes or gals with Androids—as this hack only works for iPhone users, ya'll.
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May the naked texting Gods be ever in your favor!

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