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Aww! Rico Blanco Is A Supportive BF To Maris Racal Fangirling Over K-Pop Group 'Red Velvet'

Maris Racal
PHOTO: Instagram/mariesteller

Celebrities are just like us! Yup, famous local personalities can support or get super starstruck over their own idols—even taking their S.O.s with them at concerts! Case in point: Maris Racal, who considers herself a proud ReVeluv (fans of the K-Pop girl group Red Velvet).

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At the recently concluded concert of the group in Manila, she brought her boyfriend Rico Blanco in tow—delighting fans of the Pinoy rockstar! “Haha si Rico na rakista biglang pumunta sa K-Pop concert. Supportive bf ever,” a netizen wrote. Agreed! 

In her Instagram post, she documented fun snippets of their concert date—and we can’t help but gush over how Rico seems to be enjoying the performances of Maris’ idols! After watching the girls ' performances, the actress disclosed that the former Rivermaya frontman had a *bias*. Cute! Nothing quite the feeling of having your beau be there with you in a happy fangirl moment, eh?

maris racal fangirling
Maris Racal fangirling
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In a previous interview, Maris shared her gratitude for their relationship, describing it in a short yet sweet statement. “Masaya lang. Magaan. Happy.”

We’re happy for you two!

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