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Sack Sessions With Your Guy: All Your Questions, Answered!

Guys tell you what they want in bed...and how you can show them how to give you the ultimate pleasure.

In his book, David Zinczenko, the editor of the US edition of Men's Health, spills the in-the-sack desires of thousands of guys. Here's a sexy sneak peek that lets you take your man-handling skills to a whole other level.

Andrew, 38, explains it best: "During one sex session, my girlfriend and I didn't need to talk at all. We connected so completely that everything just flowed naturally, and we were utterly worn out when it was all over." When it comes to guys' favorite sex acts, our "Men, Love, and Sex" poll revealed that they prefer oral sex as well as the woman-on-top position, so guys love it when women take control.

Woman-on-top tip: It may seem surprising that woman-on-top would be so popular, but he loves it because it not only lets him take in the sexiest view of you but also allows him to use his hands for more than just propping himself up. To make it the best it can be, keep the lights on so he can see everything, slide your nails across his chest, be the sexual aggressor, and ride him with reckless abandon. He totally digs it when the testosterone is reversed.

My boyfriend has absolutely no idea how to turn me on! How do I get him to move in the right direction without making him feel self-conscious about his skills?

You have a few choices: You could say nothing and remain totally unsatisfied—not a great option—or you could have an uncomfortable conversation with him, letting him know what gets you going...and that it ain't him. But guys don't want to be told what to do; it makes them feel stupid and inadequate. Your best bet is to use only your hands—no convo—to coach him.

When Ben, 25, who'd memorized the moves his old girlfriend loved, tried those tricks on his new girlfriend, they just didn't fly. "After about the third time we slept together, she took my hand, moved it down about an inch, and groaned," he says. "That's all I needed—just a push in the right direction." So save his ego and let your fingers (followed by a soft moan) do all the talking.

A little hand trick: When you're guiding his hand with yours, remember to show him not only where you'd like to be touched but also the kind of pressure and rhythm you prefer. Do this for about 20 seconds, then move your hand away and let him take charge. After that, he'll go from there.

Sometimes, my man is a little quick to finish. While I'm flattered that he's so excited, he can't hold back, I need him to last a little longer—at least until I climax. Do you have any suggestions?

It's true that men lack control when they're really excited or anxious. The secret is to treat his body the way he uses the TV remote: Flick between lots of different channels. Take your hands, mouth, and sweet-smelling hair and go back and forth over everywhere you can think of on his body. Do it very slowly, and be unpredictable about where you're going next so he can't get into too much of a rhythm, which encourages him to climax. Get him to really take his time with you, too: Long, slow foreplay sessions work for everyone.

Extra slow-him-down technique: To keep him from blowing his fuse too early, try switching positions frequently during sex. With foreplay, spend just 30 seconds or so down there on him before moving to another erogenous area, like his neck. Work that spot for at least two minutes before heading back down.

I have never been able to climax during intercourse with anyone before, but my guy thinks it's his fault. He's been pulling out all the stops, trying to make me orgasm. How can I get him to stop worrying about me so much?

It's hard to criticize a guy for wanting to please you, but you should tell him that the more he focuses on your orgasm, the more pressure he puts on you, and the more pressure on you, the less fun it is.

This is sneaky, but here's an idea: The next time you make love, forbid him from taking any action—and you take control. The point isn't that he deserves more attention than you. It's that you're relaxing him so he stops worrying and starts enjoying sex so you can, too.

Take-charge-in-bed trick: First, roll him onto his back and straddle him. Then pin his hands down to his sides and clamp his legs shut with yours. Now, run your lips and tongue all over his naked body. He'll be so aroused that he'll finally stop worrying about you.

How can I find out if he thinks I'm good in bed?

If you really want to know what he thinks of you in bed, here's the sign: You know how some men can be on their best relationship behavior—they're extra loving, romantic, etc.—when they're trying to sleep with you? Well, a man who's just had great sex also will be on his best behavior afterward because he wants you again...and as soon as possible.

As for what makes you a great lover from a guy's point of view? Most of all, we want your enthusiasm. We look at how you respond to our touch and how much you enjoy touching us.

Middle-of-the-night move: One surefire way to show your enthusiasm: Wake him up in the dark (or early morning) by kissing his neck, rubbing his get the idea. The message that you're sending him: You want him so bad that you can't even wait until he wakes up. Believe me, nothing turns a guy on more than that.

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