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Things I Want To Tell My Ex

'My heart was yours—is still yours. Can we be best friends again?'
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Ah, Valentine's Day. The day for celebrating your current love…and remembering your former love who you wish would take you back/grow a pair/return your things/rot in hell for all eternity period no erase.

We got 28 people to share what they wish they could tell their exes on the day of hearts, and their answers ranged from grateful to regretful, from dramatic to dedma lang. Read on to find out what they had to say.

The ones who wish things had ended differently

"My heart was yours—is still yours. Can we be best friends again?" –E, 29

"I miss you every day. It's been a year since we broke up, and I've been trying to move on, but every day it feels like I'm just dragging my feet. I still love you. I'm afraid I'll always love you." –Patty, 32

"If I could go back in time, I'd do things differently. And maybe, just maybe, we would have a real shot. I'm sorry we had to be apart, but that doesn't mean I've stopped loving you. I think about you all the time and it hurts to even just think of the possibility that you're now with somebody else. But I will always want you to be happy and you will always be in my heart. You'll always be my Meg Ryan." –Francis, 28

"I still look for you in every person I meet—the way you make me feel happy in every conversation, the feeling I get in every surprise, the way you make me come alive with the little things you do. Every day still feels like a tug of war between moving forward and hoping there could still be another us in this lifetime. And even if at times I don't want to, I still find myself praying for another you." –Chamee, 29

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"I never got the chance to tell you how amazing you are. You tried so hard for me, and I tried hard to teach myself to love you, but I couldn't—I had too many issues. Now that you're gone, I realize that the only thing you wanted was for me to love myself. And that's a really painful realization." –Red, 21

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry I fucked you up. I'm sorry I fucked us up. I hope you can forgive me." –Yna, 26

The ones who know that they're so much better off, so BOY, BYE

"If we were still together, I would’ve been half-assedly happy today. I would be having a half-assed dinner, having half-assed conversations, getting a half-assed 'romantic' gift, and probably being kissed half-assedly. Please don't be a half-ass to your girlfriend. She doesn't need to hear your life problems every day—that you still haven't tried to solve yet. And lastly, grow up!" –Baia, 26

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"Remember when you said I was the ugly duckling of my family? Or when you said I was 'only smart,' that I was lucky that YOU, a good-looking guy, would give ME the time of day when there were SO MANY girls fawning all over you? Or when you cheated on me in the apartment I was paying for and on the bed I bought you? Fortunately for me, I remember everything, and it makes me happy AF that I finally found a man who tells me I'm beautiful every day, who provides for me and buys me gifts, and who loves me just as I am and doesn't want to change a thing." –OS, 28

"Look who's the loser now!" –Sai, 29

The ones who are still having none of your BS, even after the breakup

"Guten Tag, you uncircumcised, self-righteous half-breed who thinks all words starting with T are aspirated. You know what else starts with a T? Taiwan—where we went on MY 30th birthday yet you refused to pay for, right before you dumped me. Guten riddance! P.S.: You say you're half-Filipino, half-German, but my family thinks you're half-Filipino, half-Filipina." –Andrea, 32

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"I hope you learn your lessons from everything I did for you when we were together. I was too generous, too nice, and you ended up treating me more like a mother than a girlfriend." –Chiki, 19

"Once is enough, twice is too much." –Danica, 25

"I know that every time my name comes up, you remember the kind of coward that you are. In every person that you meet—even in the girl you settled for—you'll search for me. You'll search for me and you'll writhe in pain and regret knowing that I can never be found again." –A, 30

"You broke up with me because you were feeling aimless in your life and you said that being with me made you feel even more so. Well, I hope you fail in your career, find a terrible girlfriend, and keep going around and around in circles so that you feel even more lost—and the only time you will be found is when it’s time for your funeral." –Amylae, 27

"Buhay ka pa pala? Namatay ka na kasi sa alaala ko."Bo, 32

The ones who are just glad they’re out of the relationship for one reason or another

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"Thank you for letting me go, which paved the way for me to find a man who would treat me right. I've always felt like I was your fallback, and now I know how it feels to be someone's priority." –Bree, 26

"I want to thank you, because I wouldn't have the life I have now if it weren't for you. You're the one who got me into the art and music scene, and who pushed me to pursue my passion for writing. I hope you're happy with her, even though she's a good friend of mine and you dated her just days after we broke up. Maybe we just weren't meant to be together, and I'm okay with that now."–Mags, 19

"I'm thankful that we broke up because all I felt with you was taken for granted. After you, I met a guy who would give me flowers every week—little things like that added up to make me see that I was better off without you." –April, 26

"Thank you for breaking my heart. I'm very happy now, even more so because I don't have to deal with your hair loss." –Ann, 28

"You could have been the one...if only I didn’t keep correcting your grammar in my head." –Karla, 27

The ones who have some pretty helpful advice to give

"Please make your present girlfriend the happiest girl in the world. Make her feel she’s the most beautiful, the smartest, the sexiest, the best—you name it! Compliment her every day and never stop making her feel how important she is to you. That way, she'll stop stalking me online and giving unsolicited advice on how I should live my life." –Ansoy Ming, 27

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"I was the lesson you should have learned. Stop making the same mistakes. Get your shit together and learn from them." –JP, 28

"Hey, you're married now. You should be calling your wife for this, not me. Sincerely, your gay ex-lover." –Carlo, 30

The ones who want no drama and just wish you well

"Hey, I know you're happy. I forgive you. I'm tired of asking myself all the 'whys' and 'what ifs.' I've accepted our fate. I guess this is the closest to closure I'll ever get. I'm trying to understand why you did what you did, but I don't blame you anymore. I just hope you're happy. Happy Valentine's." –Daniel, 30

"I never got over you and after all this time, I still can't. Nevertheless, I am happy for you now and wish you nothing but the best." –Louie, 31

"I hope you get treated right. I hope you move forward with no regrets. Finally, just best wishes to you." –Alex, 24

And the ones who just really want to get their stuff back

"Please give me my Warhammer 40k figs and Junji Ito comics back." –Raymond, 35

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"Ibalik mo na 'yung CD ko ng collab album ni Ely Buendia at Francis M." –Bel, 33

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