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Science Finally Has An Answer For Why Dudes Prefer Certain Body Shapes

Men = animals and science = magic.

new study out of the University of Texas at Austin focused on why many heterosexual men love a poppin' booty (sorry) on a lady. Mind Body Green reports that researchers found that women with a "theoretically optimal angle of lumbar curvature," a 45.5 degree curve from back to buttocks, can most effectively carry out multiple pregnancies. It all comes back to procreation!

In the study, researchers asked 100 men to rate the attractiveness of several different images, all edited to show various degrees of natural spinal curvature. Lo and behold, the men folk went for the most extreme of curves, the one that led to major booty.

The study's co-author David Buss, a UT Austin psychology professor, said this about the findings:

This spinal structure would have enabled pregnant women to balance their weight over the hips. These women would have been more effective at foraging during pregnancy and less likely to suffer spinal injuries. In turn, men who preferred these women would have had mates who were better able to provide for fetus and offspring, and who would have been able to carry out multiple pregnancies without injury.

Hence, dudes, who biologically want to impregnate you, are always looking for that big bottomed gal to carry their seed. (Again, sorry.)

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