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Science Says "Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater" Might Be True

But don't despair!

Educational YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE states that infidelity has to do with genetics. Their research has found that the inclination to be unfaithful has to do with our genetic makeup and the hormones we release, which could be why "Once a cheater, always a cheater" still resonates with people today. Admittedly there are other factors involved, such as emotional baggage, satisfaction in the relationship, and money. But those are external factors and there are internal factors in the picture too. Watch the video to find out more about it.

Now before we get all riled up with research or science because of their "dark" findings, before we think that science is on the side of the cheaters by absolving them of fault (the whole "they didn't choose their genes" thing), remember the results in the study deal with TENDENCY or INCLINATION, and that not everyone found to have a certain genetic makeup cheated on their partners. (What counts as cheating, anyway?) Is it corny to say that we have a choice to be faithful or not? Doesn't matter; it's true!

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