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Semen Boosts Women's Health

Turns out oral sex isn't just all about pleasure--it's good for your health too!

According to a study conducted by The State University of New York, oral sex is good for women because it make you feel happier and helps fight depression. Researchers Gallup and Burch together with psychologist Steven Platek found that semen contains "mood-altering chemicals" that crank up your happiness level, reduce depression (serotonin), and induce sleep (melatonin).

Semen also contains a chemical called spermatozoa, including cortisol, which is known to increase affection.

The researchers hypothesized that women who have unprotected sex should be less depressed than suitable control participants. They tested this by enlisting 293 college females from the university's Albany campus, who agreed to fill out an anonymous questionnaire about various aspects of their sex lives.

Findings published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior showed that even after adjusting the frequency of sexual intercourse, women who engaged in sex and "never" used condoms showed significantly fewer depressive symptoms than did those who "usually" or "always" used condoms.

But better to be safe than sorry, CGs! We suggest you always use protection when doing the deed.


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