5 Sex Positions For The ~*Extra*~ Stimulation You Need

Because there's more than one way to orgasm. What's yours?

Everybody's different. One person's OMG is another's “meh.” Here's how to get the right kind of stimulation for you. Viva orgasmic equality!

The Clitosaurus (if you're all about that clit stimulation)

Have your P-in-V and beat it too (sorry) by hopping up the table and using a toy or your lubey hand to give yourself a hell of a hand job. Your partner stands to enter–the feel of them inside you plus the outer vibrations or rubbing is beyond divine. Plus, you get a great view.

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The Deeper Tissue Massage (if you love tons of foreplay)

Strip down and hand your partner the massage oil. Take all the time you want to really relax into the massage and let your arousal build. Offer a challenge: tell them nothing's gonna happen until you're so turned on you can't take it. Once you're slippery—everywhere—jut your ass up a little and let them enter from behind. Put your hand on your vulva to make each of their thrusts feel amplified.

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The Flying V (if oral is your jam)

Spruce up the basic on-your-back pose with some aerial oral. Your partner kneels while you raise your hips and legs up on their body, resting back on your shoulders. Spread your legs wide while they grab onto your legs, lean down and go all in. Very raw and sexy, but still somewhat vulnerable. Only bestow this upon someone who's worth it.

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The Right Angle (if internal stimulation does it for you)

Achieving the perfect internal stimulation is all about geometry. To get his particular penis to rub against you in *exactly* the right place, try this: He kneels before you (I mean, as he should) while you lie on your back with one leg up on his shoulder. The other is bent as needed to get the angle just right. When you've found the right spot, oh, you will know.

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The Butter Ball (if you're into or want to try butt stuff)

Whether you're experimenting with butt play for the first time or already know you love it, this move is incredibly chill. All you have to do is roll into a fetal position and let your partner go in from the rear. The main thing to remember is to use a lot of lube. Go really slow at first. Add more lube, as needed. Your partner can give you a reach-around or you can use a hand or vibrator on yourself. If you're with a penis-having partner, an internal buzzy toy will give them residual reverb. One customizable orgasm, coming right up!

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Jill Hamilton writes the blog In Bed With Married Women. Follow her onTwitter.


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