The Most Sexually Liberal Places In The World

The City of Love takes first place.
PHOTO: Pixabay

Much to our dismay, some people still have a very narrow-minded perception of sex, putting restrictions on one of the most ~orgasmic~ things about the human experience. Take the Philippines, for example. Apart from the irrefutable fact that sex, and the Pinays who enjoy it, is still very much stigmatized, women are slut-shamed every single day. Fortunately, other places seem to be moving towards the right direction.

Lazeeva, an adult entertainment company, wanted to know which parts of the world are the most sex-positive. Apart from looking into sexual satisfaction and porn consumption, Lazeeva also studied more political issues like how people felt about the LGBTQ community, gender equality, and use of contraceptives. The company’s spokesperson told Bustle, “The cities that ranked poorly were often because of stigmas in society. Improving attitudes to these would help to sexually liberate these cities.”

Without further ado, here are the 10 cities winning at life atm:

1. Paris, France

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

3. London, England

4. Los Angeles, California, USA

5. Berlin, Germany

6. New York City, New York, USA

7. Sao Paulo, Brazil

8. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

9. Ibiza, Spain

10. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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