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9 Sex Struggles Of Couples Who Like Doing It In The Dark

Where are you, babe?!
PHOTO: Chris Clinton

1. Accidentally groping body parts that you wouldn’t normally fondle during a romp.

Ooooh, what a sexy, sexy shin you have! LOL!

2. Searching for your partner’s face.

You really want to kiss each other, but it’s just SO. DAMN. DARK!

3. Feeling a creepy sensation that someone is lurking in the shadows.

That’s just your imagination, CG! Lay off the horror movies for now.

4. Bumping into things.

Learning of all the pain amid the pleasure when you wake up with bumps, scrapes, and bruises in the morning. The struggle is real.

5. Not being able to be in the moment.

It’s difficult AF to preserve the memory of an intimate bedroom encounter when you can’t even see it. 

6. Unwillingly imagining doing the act with another romantic partner.

Although, some may argue, this might actually be a good thing.

7. Breaking the condom.

Oops! Now you’ve got even bigger problems to worry about. 

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8. Not being able to witness your partner’s O-face!

Not that it’s a necessity, but it is fun to see what kinds of reactions are formed during climax.

9. Trying to find your clothes post-sex.

Your bra is under the bed, your panty is on the lampshade, and his briefs are by the TV. Good luck on your treasure hunt!

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