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Sex Tip: Laundry Room Lust

Want to spice up your domestic sex life? Get down and dirty while doing your household chores.
You'’ll never think doing the laundry is a drag after trying this pulsating pose: Pull off your panties, toss them into the hot wash, and graze your lips over his mouth and along his neck as the machine warms up.

"Once you feel heat emanating out of the washer, stand facing the machine with your legs spread slightly and bend over so your body is at a right angle," says San Francisco therapist Johanina Wikoff, PhD, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Kama Sutra. "The extra heat will help get the blood flowing to your pelvic region."

Have your man slowly enter you from behind, and then curl right over your body, laying his arms on yours over the top of the machine.

"This pose will give your guy maximum depth and control," explains Wikoff. Coupled with the va-va-vibrations you'll feel against your moan zones as the spin cycle kicks into high gear, you'll experience two risque sensations on the back and front of your nether regions.

Raring to go again? Double up on that spin cycle and your climax will be off the charts.
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