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Sex Tricks He'd Love You To Try At Home

Sex at home can get boring if you do it in the same place, same position every single time. Real guys share ways to make at-home nooky more titillating!
mm_sextricksathome_main.jpgBrush your breasts against my back while you give me a massage. As your nipples get hard, I will, too.

Leave your high heels on.

Check all of your inhibitions at the bedroom door.

Turn on every light in the house.

Greet me at the door with "How was your day? Get your pants off!"

While watching TV, my girl blindfolded me, told me to lie down, and pinned my hands behind my back. It had great shock value.

Last December, my girlfriend did a mini fashion show, showing me all of her bathing suits. There's nothing sexier than your tan-lined body in a bikini—especially when its still a few months 'til summer.

Push me down on the bed and start going at my body like its an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Let's wrestle.

Walk around the house in boy shorts that let your cheeks hang out.

Squirt lotion on your chest and pull my penis between your breasts.

Wedge an ice cube inside your cheek when giving me oral. The mix between warm and cold is hot.

Bust out your sexiest lingerie on a random Wednesday night and make me the special occasion.

My recliner was made for more than watching sports. Hop on it—and me—anytime.

In the shower, soap yourself up, then use your body to wash mine.

Three words: edible massage oil.

My girlfriend once positioned the lights in her room so I could see our shadows on the wall. I looked over when she was giving me oral sex and got turned on by seeing the silhouettes.

Rub me with your hands and then run a comb all the way down my body. The softness of your hands and the sharpness of the comb are the perfect combo of tickle and tease.

Blindfold me and then make me guess which part of your body you're putting in my mouth. I may not get it right every time, but Ill surely play.

Lotion up my back, then get on top and slip and slide all over.

Don't make a beeline for the bathroom the second we finish up. It totally kills the moment.

Sneak up behind me while I'm cooking and unbutton my pants.

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