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12 Women On What Sex Is Like When You're A Guy's First Time

'While I was riding him, he said, 'Oh, I'm not a virgin anymore!''
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First time sex can be nerve-wracking af for anyone. You're venturing into the unknown, after all. But what if the person you're having sex with has never done it before?

  1. "It depends on the guy and your chemistry. One guy was great, followed my lead, not too fast or too slow, really good experience. One guy literally came in six seconds. I didn't really mind (it was his first time after all) but he ghosted me out of embarrassment after." [via]
  2. "I was only with one, but it was... painful, honestly. He didn't really know what he was doing, so he just immediately went right to trying to have [penetrative] sex. I told him, 'You need foreplay a little bit', so he basically just stuck two fingers in me and pumped a bit. He was too gung-ho about the situation, and didn't follow my lead, so when we actually had sex, it hurt because I wasn't really turned on at all. I tried to be reassuring and told him to take it slow, but he was too excited, I guess. It wasn't enjoyable." [via]
  3. "My SO was technically a 'virgin', in that he had had oral sex before with an ex-girlfriend but not PIV (penis in vagina). It was, and continues to be, amazing. I am guessing that guys who develop their sexuality gradually in that manner are likely to be (generally speaking, of course) rather in tune with a woman's pleasure, and much more giving. Also, spending time giving each other pleasure in that manner without the expectation of PIV was immensely beneficial to our sex life. When we did have penetration, it was phenomenal because we knew each other so well already. And we used it to complement clitoral stimulation, not to replace it. There is no orgasm gap in our relationship!" [via]
  4. "There've been a few. I've always enjoyed being there for their learning and discovering. Wonderful how they try whatever crosses their mind, and then stop and experience their reaction, and then tell me about it. Spontaneous, open experiences." [via]
  5. "It was nice. He really wanted me to feel pleasure, that's the first step to being good in bed. If he didn't tell me he was a virgin, I wouldn't have known. Oh well, I would have because while I was riding him, he said, 'Oh I'm not a virgin anymore!' It was funny!" [via]

  6. "11/10. He wasn't sure if he was comfortable with penetrative sex, so we became 'foreplay' FWBs for a few months. He was trying to learn, so I was very communicative with him. All of his focus was on my emotional state, my pleasure and immersion, but I didn't realize because he was so subtle about it. It's like he became some kind of sex soothsayer, and could tell what I wanted before I even knew. So then we finally had [penetrative] sex, I came from PIV for the first time. [I] felt like I had an out of body experience, tried to figure out what the hell just happened, and then I cried for an unknown amount of time. So, it was alright. I like him." [via]
  7. "It was definitely wild for me. I think it was just the perfect combo that night. He was, by far, the best I've ever had at going down on me. He was playing a beautiful record I had never heard before, I felt really connected to him, and it all just perfectly aligned for the most intense orgasm I've ever had. The endorphins or something just totally made my eyes water up, and I felt very overwhelmed for a few moments after. I always thought [people] crying from sex was a myth, or that they were being emotional or something...but then I experienced it and it was really mind blowing." [via]
  8. "I just was very gentle and non-aggressive because he was a normal amount of uncertain. I took the lead on putting on a condom in case he was nervous about that, and I was on top our first time." [via]
  9. "It was fine. One was my first time too, and it was a bit awkward as most first times are, but not bad. The second did amazing, I had no idea until he told me later that he had never done it before, but he was perfect!" [via]
  10. "Terrible. Unfortunately because of his large size, he assumed wrongfully that made him a sex God. And his extensive knowledge from porn convinced him rough meant success. Communication was nonexistent, and this makes or breaks sex in general, including men who are not virgins." [via]
  11. "Been with a few and it was different each time. The big thing is they need to be open to communicate, and try things until they find what works." [via]
  12. "I had a bunch of sex with virgins when I was an escort, though not in my private life as far as I know. Lots of nervousness, a few who thought porn was a good sex manual, some cried, others wanted to basically keep going forever." [via]


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