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Sh*t My Guy Says

Take a break, laugh out loud, and consider yourself lucky you're not with these guys!

WTF?! Did he really just say that? We asked you for the most ridiculous things you’ve heard your guy say, and we’re sharing the sh*ttiest ones here. Brace yourselves, ladies!

“We were driving around when we stopped at a red light. He stared at me for a second, and smiled after saying, ‘I love you.’ He leaned in, and I assumed he was going in for the kiss, but then he grabbed my boob and made an annoying-as-hell honking sound!” - Michelle

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“Stop wearing maxi dresses! You look like you just played dress-up in your mom’s closet!” - Ana

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“Can I try milking you?” - Ciara

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“During my period, he was like, ‘Oh do you have to sit on the toilet for a couple hours to flush it all out?’” - Mara

"Can you change your perfume? You smell like my mom." - Nikki

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“I masturbated to your best friend. I feel like I cheated on you. Sorry!”- Rachelle

“One time, I was showing him my new ring, and he said, ‘That ring is too small for you because your fat is popping out around the ring.’”- Lea

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"You put a lot of effort into your look today, babe." - Karla

"If I had to choose between having a car and having sex with you, I would choose the sex!” - Trina

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“My friend once said he would rather play League of Legends than have sex with his girlfriend.”- Janice

Now, aren't you thankful your guy didn't say these? If you have more to share, tweet us @cosmo_ph with the hashtag #shitmyguysays!