8 People Share Their Most Shameful Orgasm Stories

'Having an orgasm AND a leg cramp at the same time is the winner for me...'
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1. "I, um, was going at it solo style and was really close, when I suddenly remembered my dog died a couple of weeks ago. I never got the chance to mourn him properly because it happened when I was really busy. I'd had the dog since I was five, he died just this year at 17 years old. Suddenly remembering him while so close to orgasm made me cry. And I came, sobbing uncontrollably to the thought of my dead dog." - HermesCat 

2. "I was at a theme park and my sister wanted to go on a SpongeBob ride that I was just getting a bit too old for. I go on it, and its a 'lie down' type of ride, with a wedge bit separating legs. That wedge bit vibrated perfectly on my clit. Rode it twice." - cheap_peep 

3. "While my friends were playing video games I was behind watching porn under the sheets. When I was close I went to the bathroom, pointed my penis towards the toilet, came, then flushed." - chillax402 

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4. "In the back seat of my boyfriend's dad's car on a long road trip. Boyfriend and his dad were up front, I was in the back feeling bored and rather adventurous. It went 100% unnoticed." - siriuslycharmed 

5. "In high school, I was incredibly horny and awkward. My girlfriend had decided that we weren't doing anything sexual anymore a few months ago. Religious reasons. I decided to try calling a prostitute. I don't know why I came to that decision. I should have just ended the relationship. But that was the decision I made. I looked online, found someone with acceptable and extensive reviews, and called. As soon as she picked up the phone, my voice became a quiet stutter. I could barely communicate. After a few seconds of extremely awkward conversation, I came in my pants (with no stimulation) and hung up." - SillyBronson  

6. "Well...I guess that having an orgasm AND a leg cramp at the same time is the winner for me..." - araxhiel 

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7. "I was 21. First time going to a strip club. This girl that looked identical to Mandy Moore (whom I had a major celebrity crush on at the time) was giving me my first ever lap dance. About three minutes into it, I came in my pants...She looked, said, 'Well, I guess we're done here,' and walked away..." - CanOdope

8. "The one to my mother-in-law's feet in the grass from her May 2015 Instagram post." - icecreampopncereal 


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