Share This With Guy Pals: 7 Blind Date Lessons From BNO

Cosmo gathered tips for the boys after tailing the boys of Boys' Night Out on their dates!

Going on a blind date is never a walk in the park, both for women and men. Aside from worrying about what your date would look like and whether or not she’s going to find you attractive—all this prior to the date—come date night you have to sit through two hours of small talk, awkward silences, and the paralyzing fear that you have food stuck between your teeth.

Even the wacky, outspoken boys of Magic 89.9’s Boys’ Night Out, Slick Rick, Tony Toni, and Sam YG, don’t have it easy. When they went on a blind date with three Cosmo chicks who won in our online promo, they had their triumphs, but they also got their fair share of laughs and bloopers (read more about it in Cosmopolitan’s November issue and watch the first and second part of our video coverage).

Cosmo tailed them on their dates and got some handy tips in the process—which we’re now sharing to all the single men out there! While you’re at it, click the view gallery button to see scenes from Boys’ Night Out’s Blind Date Bonanza, held at Eastwood City!

1. First of all, don’t be late. Tony Toni made his date Laura wait for two hours. ‘Nuff said.

2. Look sharp. Although Tony was late, he (almost) made up for it with presentation and confidence. Brush your teeth, trim those nails, and make sure you look spiffy. Just don’t check your reflection on every reflective surface you pass, unless you want to beat her at kakikayan.

3. Be a gentleman. When going on a date, never leave home without your manners. Sam played it sweet by bringing his date Bernadette a yellow tulip. And because it was drizzling, he covered her head with his hand as they walked on their way to burger joint Stackers. A cute gesture, even though there’s only so much that little surface area can shield.

4. All eyes and ears on her. Take it from Slick Rick, who was very attentive to Ayin on their date at Buenisimo. Don’t text brig your buddies, don’t ogle other hot chicks in the resto, and don’t worry that the basketball team you’re rooting for is getting pummeled. Just focus on her.

5. Be prepared to embarrass yourself. You’re lucky if you rock at bowling, like Sam YG, who creamed Bernadette at Paeng’s Eastwood Bowl. But when your date kicks your ass at Guitar Hero, take your defeat with grace. Be willing to laugh at yourself, and she’ll find it utterly charming.

6. Avoid being touchy-feely. Just because they’re the boys of Boys’ Night Out, we can forgive these men for their naughty innuendos. But if you show how hot you are to get in your date’s pants even before dessert has been served, she’ll (a) think you’re a natural manyak, or (b) think you’re only doing this date for a casual shag. To stay on the safe side, let her lead in the touching game.

7. Remember to have fun. It won’t pay to be a stuck-up snob on a blind date. Tony, Sam, Rick, Lora, Bernadette, and Ayin may not have met the love of their life that night in Eastwood City, but as you can see in Part 1 and Part 2 of CosmoTV’s coverage of BNO’s Blind Date Bonanza, they gamely made the date a pleasant experience for each other. If you enjoyed the date, let her know. And if you really want to see her again, make plans right away!

Photo by JC Cerilla

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