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100 Instagram Captions For Your ~*Single*~ Girl Era

Just got out of a breakup? Embrace your single-girl era with these captions.
100 Single Captions To Use After A Breakup
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Gabriel Csapo/corelens, Alexandre Weiss/Pexels

If there is such a thing as hard and soft launches of relationships on Instagram, there should be a counterpart for newly single girls. I mean, we must celebrate your Independence Day, right? 

Yes, breakups are sad and painful, and we're not invalidating that fact. But the time will come when you're ready to face the world again. You become more open to sharing your current love life status—whether you prefer to post hints about it or just straight-up announce your singlehood.

To help you navigate your single-girl-era social media content plan, here are 100 captions you can choose from. We've got every sentence you need to describe your feelings!

Captions to go with your moving on stage after a breakup

  1. Starting a new chapter.
  2. New beginnings.
  3. Fresh start.
  4. Thank you. Next!
  5. Everything is gonna be okay.
  6. Grateful for the memories.
  7. Past is past.
  8. Ready for the next chapter.
  9. I'm looking forward to the future and grateful for the past.
  10. Keep on going.
  11. Rejection is redirection.
  12. Don't look back; you have to keep moving forward.
  13. Chapter 1
  14. Just say LOL and move on
  15. People come and go. That's life.
  16. Things end and people change. Life goes on.
  17. Nothing lasts forever.
  18. If it's meant for you, it will come back
  19. You deserve the love you're willing to give.
  20. Survive by forgetting.
  21. It is what is.
  22. This chapter feels so good.
  23. It wasn't mine so I'm letting it go.
  24. Some people come into your life to teach you lessons.
  25. It's not a bad thing if you learned something from it.
  26. Everything is temporary.
  27. This too shall pass.
  28. What passed is past.
  29. Growing with the flow.
  30. One day at a time.

Short breakup captions

  1. Boy, bye.
  2. Enough.
  3. Oh, life.
  4. Strangers again.
  5. Graceful exit
  6. Memories. [band-aid emoji]
  7. Ice cold heart
  8. Never settle.
  9. Less is more [winking emoji]
  10. Peace>>>
  11. I h8 u
  12. Next!
  13. Peace out
  14. See you never
  15. < br >
  16. Not your wifey
  17. Allergic to B.S.
  18. Change of plans.
  19. Happier
  20. Over it.
  21. Never beg.
  22. 4get u
  23. Freedom.
  24. Know your worth
  25. Your loss.
  26. Over and out.
  27. Lesson learned
  28. Bye [trash emoji]
  29. The disrespect?
  30. DTB (Don't text back)
  31. Healing
  32. U wish
  33. Better off
  34. The end
  35. Take it easy

Single captions for Instagram

  1. I think I'm the one.
  2. Surprise me!
  3. Party of 1
  4. Ready for my next plot twist!
  5. Welcome to my single girl era!
  6. A very blessed girl
  7. Choose people who choose you.
  8. Respect yourself enough to walk away from things that don't serve you anymore.
  9. Me>>>
  10. Self-love always comes first
  11. Minus 1
  12. New phone. Hu dis.
  13. Cheers to self-love
  14. I know what I want.
  15. Hoe, hoe, hoe.
  16. Canceling my subscription to your issues
  17. DMs are open
  18. Loading...
  19. No boyfriend, no problems
  20. Prioritizing myself
  21. One of a kind
  22. Life's good
  23. I make me smile
  24. Stay radiant
  25. I want it, I got it
  26. Pretty on purpose
  27. 10/10
  28. Sliving
  29. Stop and stare
  30. Loving me rn
  31. No regrets
  32. Do what makes you happy
  33. 5 star, nothing less
  34. I decide my vibe
  35. Rule #1: Never be #2
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