Smart Girls, This One's For You!

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A smart girl always rules because...

1. She isn't easily influenced. By what or whom, you ask? By burnouts who are constantly trying to get her wasted so he can get into her skivvies. His spiel: “Here, have a shot or four of this super strong tequila!” Her reply: “I like my brain cells to be functional, thank you very much!”

2. She's got a good grasp of responsibility. Her priorities are as on point as her outfit: sharp, purposeful, and planned.

3. She can defend her opinions. Whether it’s debating the importance of T-Swizzle’s new album in uplifting women to explaining her despise for the horrid movie her BF took her to see, she’ll always explain herself in a manner that’s simultaneously passionate and proper.

4. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She makes mental lists for breakfast, irons out strategies for lunch, and executes plans come dinnertime!

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5. She can give amazing advice. She’s usually the sage of logical reasoning. Her upfront, honest, and calculated way of troubleshooting a problem is always helpful no matter the issue at hand.

6. She sees through the BS! Her bullshit meter is so impressive that guys with ill intentions barely make it to first base.

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7. She knows her worth. Her talent, creativity, and efficiency are a recognized advantage so she never sells herself short.

8. She's savvy and adaptable. When immersed in a corporate or creative setting, she knows which of her traits to harness. She always puts premium importance on efficiency.

9. Her interests are always more interesting than average. Since she reads a lot, watches loads of films, and is plugged into the pulse of pop culture, the range of topics she can cover in a conversation is just unreal.

10. She surrounds herself with people who are equally appealing. Nights out for the smart girl are never boring. Her friends are engaging, stimulating individuals who can speak their mind.

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11. She inspires others. She’s capable of bringing out the best in people, and what’s great about the smartest of smart girls is that their emotional intelligence is almost always as keen as their minds.

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