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What Does It Mean If You're Having Dreams About A Snake?

Your subconscious is giving you a wake-up call.
a green snake about to pounce
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If quarantine is supplying you with some vivid dreams, you’re not alone. Maybe you’re here specifically because you’re having a recurring nightmare where you’re face to face with a boa constrictor, and wondering what that could mean.

Well, if you’re dreaming of snakes, (*especially* getting bitten by one) and you wake up thinking, “this has to be about my ex ~slithering~ into my DMs during quarantine,” you’re not wrong.

Most likely, this is your subconscious sending you a message that a person or situation you’re involved with is, well, pretty toxic, says certified psychic medium and dream analyst Nicole Bowman, an advisor by the name of Live the Light on

That’s not the only meaning, though. The snake bite or apparition could be a wake-up call about something in your life that’s been slipping from your attention, or it could be a sign that you’re going to be “shedding a layer of skin” in some aspect of your life (which, we could all use a rebirth after 2020). “Generally, when you’re dreaming of animals or nature that’s typically because you’re going through some kind of cycle of transformation,” Bowman says. 

Regardless of what exactly is going on, this isn’t a dream you’re supposed to forget about. Discover all the possible explanations as to why you might be having snake dreams.


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