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Sneaky Moves College Hunks Do To Get Your Attention

Has a cute classmate ever pulled a stunt to get you to notice him? Our college correspondent gets boys to spill their notice-me maneuvers!

Who here is guilty of accidentally-on-purpose dropping a pen by her crush's desk? Or pretending not to understand the homework just so she could ask her classmate about it? When we set our sights on a cutie in our class, we're guilty of coming up with all sorts of excuses just to start a conversation.

As continues to cover the campus beat this July, we found out that it's not just girls who pull these kinds of tricks. When we went around Taft, McKinley Hill, and España, cuties from different universities and colleges revealed that they, too, have some smooth and sweet get-to-know-you techniques at their disposal!

Girls, launch the gallery to read their answers! You never know, your seatmate might have already been flirting with you all this time.

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