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Your Ideal First Date, Based On Your Star Sign

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Don't rely on a nervous brainstorm or leave it up to THEM (heaven forbid). Consult your stars to reveal the ideas for a magical first date, based on your (or their) zodiac sign.


Action and competition are Aries' catnip. They're ruled by Mars, you know, so the need to battle and win '"stuff" is a big part of their nature (you will find this out yourself, sooner or later, OMG).

The trick to happy dates is to find activities where you work together to win (or just get through it). I'm talking escape rooms, treasure hunts, zip wires, sailing etc. Do not (DO NOT) pit yourself against them. Things might get ugly, intense or weird. And you can save all that for later.


Food. It's got to be a part of it, because it's Taurus's favorite thing (apart from money, and unless you want to play Monopoly or wander around a bank, you're better off with the food theme). Now, we all know dinner and drinks is not high up on novelty factor, so add a twist. Maybe a picnic (you bring your favourite starter and dessert, they bring a main), a street food tour, a surprise based on their favorite cuisine, a food festival, a tasting menu, a cooking workshop (with food at the end, or there'll be hell to pay)... and so on.



Gemmys are big kids, the zodiac's Peter Pan, so anything nostalgic, quirky or childish will go down well. It's got to be "different," because they want to see creative ideas that aren't just a run-of-the-mill Romeo (or Juliet). They need variety, spice and adventure (frankly, Geminis are exhausting, but that's on you). Good ideas include: Exhibitions, circuses, pop up events of any kind (the "now or never" factor), festivals, fairgrounds, theme parks, seaside jaunts, quiz nights, outdoor films, water parks. You get to be 11 again. Yay!


The seaside. Cancerians are ruled by the moon, and therefore the ocean tide does "funny" things to them (things you're going to want to experience, I suspect, as they go a bit gooey-eyed, giddy and giggly). They're never more than a step away from childhood, and relish innocent, playful activities. Get this crab back to the sea and watch them smile as widely as only a blissed out Cancerian can!


All Leos love the stage and gravitate to show business like lil' moths to a flame. You can play it safe(ish) here and get (because Leos are also snobby about such things) tickets to whatever is on in town. OR you can see how bright a bird you've really caught by doing something *random* like booking a karaoke booth, or a performance class, or a salsa night. Whatever initial reluctance they put up, a few glasses of alcohol in and it'll be a different story. 


Low key IS the key with Virgos. They are typically hamstrung with self-doubt and inhibition, so any attempt at "forced fun" will just freak them the fuck out. Whatever you're doing, give them advance notice, and explain the details (start/finish time, location, any necessary items). Something like a nice country walk ending with a pub meal, or a movie and cocktails, or even just coffee. Less is more. Let them relax.

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Librans are romantics, and like to go on thoughtful, traditional dates so you've got all the usual classics at your disposal (dinner and drinks, movie and drinks, Netflix and chill). They also like culture. They're quite clever, are our Libran friends, and they appreciate the finer things in life. So, shows, exhibitions, live music, performance art, can all pique their interest and show you've put some consideration into this (which is what they'll most appreciate).


Are you dating a Scorpio? Hope you're ready for this, and have a flameproof soul because this sign can BURN! What a Scorpio likes more than anything is to peer intently and analytically at stuff that others find shocking, morbid or disgusting. The darker side of the planet draws their gaze; they are fearless. Put this to the test (and score big points) by taking them someplace horrific, I'm thinking: zombie shoot-out, horror walkthrough, you get the idea, yes? Good luck.



Sagittarians LOVE the great outdoors, and LOVE doing love in it! But, for a first date, that might be a bit much. You can keep the theme, though, and plan something sporty, nature-y, relaxing-y or even animal-y. Sunrises and sunsets also send them dizzy. Sagittarians adore animals (especially horses and dogs), so a wander in a zoo, shelter, reserve or park will give them plenty to look at. They'll think you're a kindred spirit.


Let's get this straight: Capricorns are quite snobby. They like the "best," the top drawer, the rare and unusual, the high end of everything. It speaks to their internal, ambitious hard-drive which is all about "making it" and being successful. This doesn't make them knobs, but it does mean a wander around a local charity shop and a Happy Meal at McDo is NOT going to impress them (though they're too polite to say). 

What will make them smile is tickets to something sought-after, reservations somewhere new, access (however fleeting) to anything the rich and famous. Failing all of that, a scavenger hunt (looking for weird and wonderful items or landmarks) will activate their competitive edge and give them a real thrill.


This star sign has a big brain and a big imagination, and it's your job to engage both. Otherwise, any physical attraction they initially feel could wither away. Aquarians need to be intellectually stimulated. And, in fact, they're great fun and full of spontaneous ideas so you only need to get the ball rolling and they'll pick it up and run.

Kick-starter ideas? A day at a planetarium or space center (they LOVE space). An escape room or organized maze task. Book shopping. Museum touring. Lectures and talks. Pub quizzes. It's like "dating for nerds," and you're going to love it!



Pisceans love the ocean, in fact, they love water in general, so anything beach/river/pool/spa-related will have them at ease. A spa date, or dinner by the water, or a picnic at the beach, are all winners. They also love all things magical and mystical—a psychic reading, perhaps. Think weird shit. You've got this.


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