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Stay-At-Home Date Ideas This Cuddle Season

Apart from cuddling, of course.

With a little out-of-the-box thinking, rainy day dates might just be your new favorite kind of bae-bonding. So, before you surf the Internet or play with your Clash of Clans, check out these awesome stay-at-home date ideas!

1. Browse old photos. 

It's always nice to look back at things you've done before—your first date or your first out of town. Or even better, show her your childhood photos or yearbooks. You'll surely make her smile or crack up at your bad haircut decisions.

2. Be a chef.

Instead of ordering, why don't you cook your meal together? It's fine if you aren't born a natural in the kitchen. There are a lot of guides and recipes all over the Internet.

3. Titivate your place.

What the f is "titivate"? It simply means to enhance an object with small alterations. In this case, we're titivating your pad. Are you guys married, living together, or is she just that nice to help you make some upgrades in your place? Rainy season is such a great time to work on them because you'll sweat less. Play some good music and get those hands to work.

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4. Movie marathon.

Watch your fave flicks back to back to back. Look for 'em over the Internet or rent (if that still works), prepare some popcorn and enjoy snuggling in each other's arm.

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5. Be story-tellers. 

Instead of just lying down, cuddling, and staring at each other, share the best or worst things that happened in your lives. Maybe this could be about how stupid-looking you were way back in high school or the things that your family has been through. Long story short, give each other access to the past. The pitter-patter of the rain is the perfect backdrop to these senti moments. This will also help you understand each other more.

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