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Stop Everything: New Birth Control Guarantees You'll Have Awesome Orgasms

It's contraception and a sex toy. Yessss.

Researchers have finally given women something incredible in the bedroom: a new form of contraception/sex toy called the VA w.o.w.

Basically, it's a condom that you put inside your vagina that has a vibrating ring to keep the condom from slipping in too far, and according to the company's user survey, 70 percent of women between 20 and 40 years old had an orgasm on their first use, 84 percent had an orgasm on their second use, and 100 percent had an orgasm by the fourth time, Women's Health reports.

That's insanely awesome.

Granted, this study was paid for by the creators of the product and VA w.o.w. is still waiting for FDA approval, so it's tough to know what's really what, but the idea of every woman on earth finally being able to have an orgasm when she wants one is my idea of the best world ever.


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