Women Get Real About Why They Turned Down Marriage Proposals

'I knew it was just another manipulation tactic.'
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We all love a good proposal story, that much is obvious. But we rarely talk about the proposals that didn't end in marriage. What's it like to be proposed to by a partner and realize you actually don't want to marry them? Here, women who rejected proposals explain what their reasons were for turning their partners down.

  1. "Youth. I dated an older guy for three years (on and off) between the ages of 17 and 19. He was ready to settle down and get married. I knew I was too young, so I declined his proposal. After that, we were off for good." [via]
  2. "It was out of nowhere, with sex being the motivation behind the proposal." [via]
  3. "His proposal was literally, 'We'll get married, you'll drop out of college and quit your job, and we'll have kids.' I wasn't as adamantly sure I didn't want kids back then, but burning my career to the ground was and is a hell to the no." [via]
  4. "I knew he wanted children. I didn't. So I saved him." [via]
  5. "I was about to break up with him and he knew it. He was manipulative AF, and it was a toxic on-and-off relationship for multiple years. When I started telling him, he interrupted me with, 'But I got a ring!' My head snapped faster than the speed of sound I’m pretty sure...I still broke up with him because I knew it was just another manipulation tactic." [via]
  6. "He proposed the week he graduated. I hadn't graduated yet. We hadn't even decided on where or if we would live together once I did. It seemed more like a Hail Mary to keep the relationship than an actual proposal. I told him we should see how this all works out first." [via]
  7. "He was a serial marrier. He'd been married twice (we were in our early 30s) and divorced twice. After we split up, he got married for the third time a few years later." [via]
  8. "He proposed sooner than we were both ready because my depression was bad, and he wanted to give me something I could be happy about. We talked about it and ended up getting engaged several months later when we were actually ready and in a better place." [via]
  9. "We were too young and neither of us was independent of our parents yet. I didn't give a hard no, I just gave a, 'not yet.'" [via]
  10. "I told him I was breaking up with him because he hadn't proposed to me. He turned around and proposed." [via]
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