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Studies Show Sex Boosts Intelligence

Yup, you read that right. Sex can make you smarter!

Get smarter by getting some action! Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

According to researchers in Maryland and South Korea, sexual activity improves mental performance and increases the production of new neurons in the hippocampus (the areas in your brain where long-term memories are formed).

A team from the University of Maryland performed experiments on middle-aged rats to prove this claim. They found that when rats were permitted to engage in sex, they showed signs of improved cognitive function and hippocampal function. Likewise, researches in Konkuk University in Seoul discovered that sex counteracts the memory-robbing effects of chronic stress in mice.

In other words: more sex, more brain cells.

But it doesn’t necessarily work the same way when the situation is reversed. Being intelligent doesn’t automatically mean you’ll have more sex. A study conducted by researchers in University of Pennsylvania concluded that high working memory decreases the likelihood of adolescents engaging in sex earlier on in their lives.


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