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Summer Bedroom Must-Do: Play COSMO'S HOT FANTASY GAME

Bring out the competitive spirit in your guy with this sizzling frisky game. We promise, there won't be any sore losers!

One incentive to getting playful: It leads to better sex--no joke. "The more fun you have prior to bed, the more unpredictable and open to experimentation you'll be when you're in it," says sex therapist Barry McCarthy, PhD, co-author of Discovering Your Couple Sexual Style. To that end, we've come up with some bedtime stories to get the good times rolling. The premise? You're the naughty narrators and authors. We promise you'll have a great--and frisky--time, plus get new insight into each other's fantasy lives.

To Play: Write or print out the following scenarios on a sheet of paper and cut them into individual playing card sizes. Spread them face down. One of you will pick up a card and read the scenario out loud. Next, the narrator should invent the rest of the tale and tell it to the other person. Then, a plot twist: You both have to act out the story. Continue taking turns with the cards, or do one per night or week.

Every couple wants--no, actually, needs--to get creative in bed. So, make it happen this summer with our dirty tales that will jumpstart your imagination. (Spoiler alert: Each story has multiple climaxes!)

Scenario #1: We're at a party, bored as hell. Then, you flash a devilish grin and grab my hand. "Come on," you whisper. Intrigued, I follow as you weave through the crowd to a bedroom. Once the coast is clear, you pull me inside. With one hand, you lock the door behind us. With your other hand, you... [finish this fantasy]

Scenario #2: You are getting dressed for a big night out and look incredible. As I ogle you from head to toe, I notice a silk tie draped over the doorknob behind you and get a very naughty idea. I pick it up, then lead you to a chair. Gently, I lower you onto it and wrap the tie around your... [finish this fantasy]

Scenario #3: I'm out with other people, not home to satisfy you. So, you close your eyes and slide your fingers down your stomach...Suddenly, a hand covers your mouth. You hear "Don't move." Your eyes flash open. It's me, turning to face you. I say, "I know you're upset. I'll do anything to make it up to you." Then, I... [finish this fantasy]

Scenario #4: You hop in the shower after a long day. Soaping up your body, you recall how I touched you in each spot last night, driving you wild. The water pulses over you, arousing every inch. When you get out, your towel is gone. You tiptoe, so wet, to the bedroom. There you see it...covering my lower half. Then, it drops. You... [finish this fantasy]

Scenario #5: We're on vacation, walking back from the beach, a little sweaty from the sun, a little sticky from the saltwater. Hands intertwined and sand between our toes, we notice a dune off the path, and beside it, a patch of soft grass. Slyly, we glance at each other, then at the same time, rip off our suits. Next, we... [finish this fantasy]

Scenario #6: While at dinner with friends, I feel a hand under the table. You're turned away in conversation, so it can't be yours. Then, fingers boldly dive below my clothing. My pulse quickens. Next, there's stroking, skin on skin, I'm nearly exploding when you look over. You smile deviously. Then... [finish this fantasy]

Scenario #7: I'm still at work when I get a text that reads "911. Need U here NOW." I race to your place, and the front door is cracked open. I follow a trail of clothing to your bedroom. That's where I find you: buck naked on a chair, legs open. "Thanks for coming," you say as I move close. "This couldn't wait." Then... [finish this fantasy]

Scenario #8: Leaving a friend's place, we decide to take the stairs. As we go down, you give a come-hither motion and sprint ahead. Confused, I speed up, my eyes on your ass. I almost catch up, then you stop. Momentum takes over, and my body pins yours to the wall. Panting, I grind into you and hold your arms back so I can... [finish this fantasy]

Scenario #9: We've just been to a wedding, and we look pretty damn elegant. As we head to the car, we hear a clap of thunder. The sky breaks open, forcing us to run back to the reception hall and huddle under a balcony. Our clothes cling to our bodies, and you are just begging to be stripped off. So, I... [finish this fantasy]

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