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Aww, Taylor Swift Is Reportedly ‘Enjoying Her Freedom’ After Breakup With Joe Alwyn

‘She truly believes whatever is meant to be, will be.’
Taylor Swift post-breakup
PHOTO: Instagram/taylorswift

You can officially stop worrying about how Taylor Swift is dealing after her breakup with Joe Alwyn, because the answer is, apparently, "really damn great, tyvm."

Okay, so the Taylor source whose out there doing the lord's work and passing along updates about her didn't say it *quite* so colorfully, but that's the basic vibe, for sure.

"Taylor is handling the breakup really well and she’s feeling very optimistic about her future," a source told Us Weekly of Taylor's post-split mood. "She truly believes whatever is meant to be, will be, and knows everything happens for a reason."

In addition to still channeling major "invisible string" life energy, Taylor is reportedly "enjoying her freedom" in her post-Joe Era, but the insider admits that she is still "adjusting to single life." Which, you know, is extremely fair considering she and Joe dated for six years and changing literally any major element of your daily life after six years warrants an adjustment period.


Given the aforementioned incredibly understandable need adjusting, it should shock exactly no one that, even though she's doing great and loving the freedom of singledom, Taylor is not dating yet.

"She isn’t dating anybody and isn’t even thinking about getting into another relationship anytime soon," the source added.

For the time being, Taylor seems to be focused on basking in the warm glow of the many sources of platonic love in her life, with the source adding that she "appreciates all the love and support she’s received from family and friends" (and, FWIW, several of those friends seem to have been showing her subtle-but-public support recently by unfollowing Joe on social media).

So, to recap: Taylor is "doing great" and "enjoying her freedom" and generally being mindset vibes in the wake of her split from Joe Alwyn. In other words, she's Taylor Swift-ing life post-breakup.

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