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Texts From Your Ex

"Hu u?"

We just found our new favorite Instagram account. It’s called Texts From Your Ex, a page that posts hilarious conversations between ex-lovers, and claims that they're all “REAL texts from REAL exes.” Warning: once you start scrolling through the account, it's. just. so. hard. to. stop. 

We picked 10 of our favorite conversations and compiled them below. Enjoy!

 We don’t know what exactly happened, but it looks like he or she needs some divine intervention:

Seems like someone needs to accept that IT'S O-V-E-R:

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Well, she likes to plan ahead:

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Style mo, bulok:

To be fair, it actually does sound like a Taylor Swift song:

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He lost us at “or whatever”:

Just no:

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In Filipino, *HU U*:


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You go girl:

Have you had a LOL conversation with your ex? Share it with us in the comments section!