The #1 Quality Men Want in Bed

More than 200 guys voted in our poll and said that enthusiasm is the hottest trait a chick can have. These tips will show him you're really into it.

1 Talk Dirty. But that doesn’t mean you need to sound like you moonlight as a porn screenwriter. Just talk about sex…a lot. The more you do, the more it conveys how much you enjoy sex…especially with him.

2 Jump Him. Guys aren’t exactly the best at picking up on subtle cues, so send him an I-want-you message that he can’t possibly miss: Initiate sex on a regular basis. To drive it home, ambush him when he least expects it, like when he’s in the shower.

3 Let Your Hands Wander. In the heat of the moment, use body language  (not just moans) to convey that you’re one hundred percent in the moment. Touch your breasts, his butt, your inner thighs, his biceps, wherever. Not only does it let him know you’re attracted to him, but it also gives him a sexy-as-hell visual.

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