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The 10 Best Things About Being Single In Your Early 20s

Most of your friends are single too.
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1. The world is basically your sex buffet. In your early 20s, you'll be surrounded by sexual and romantic prospects basically every time you blink because you're either in college or working with people a lot so you're meeting more people than you pretty much ever will again. It's basically like being the lead cast member on a dating show except instead of for one season, it's all the time.

2. You can have no interest in commitment and no one will wonder if you're going to die alone. Because you are only 22, so those people need to chiiiiill. 

3. Most of your friends are single too so you will pretty much never be The One Single Friend. When I was 20, I think I had, like, one friend who was in a relationship. That's it. One. And they were the odd one in our friend group. This was a very cool time because of that. 


4. If you want to travel around the world, you do not have to give any effs whether or not your boyfriend wants to go. No scheduling flights, no asking what his schedule is, you just take off and go. Plus, vacation hookups = mhm, yes. 

5. You get to spend time figuring out who you really are instead of focusing on figuring out why your boyfriend is being weird right now. Instead of putting all your energy into making a relationship work and figuring out someone else's labyrinthine mind, you get to spend time figuring out what you actually want. This will also make it a lot easier to spot a guy you want to have a relationship with one day, as opposed to "Um, I think I want to date him? Because abs?" (Which, TBH, are still very valid reasons.)

6. You don't actually have to take your biweekly Tinder randos seriously. You don't have to worry if he's going to make a great boyfriend or a great husband. Instead you can just worry about whether he seems pretty cool and whether you want his face on your face. 

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7. You can take up every square inch of that twin bed yourself. No "let's try to fit two grown human bodies into one tiny refrigerator box of a bed" nonsense for you ever. 

8. Right now you are basically living in a nonstop Jay Z video spending every dime you have on fun garbage. Five thousand bucks a night for a hotel with a swim-up bar? Uh, yep. You have a part-time job and if you need money in five years, you'll put in overtime. Or not. Either way, it's def happening. 

9. You can straight-up move away and the only person you'll affect is you. (And your besties who will surely cry because you're leaving, but also come and visit.) But the number of sniffling boys who will ask why you didn't think to ask them how they felt about this remains at zero. 

10. You're basically writing the novel that is your life and you can make up any damn plot line you want. Maybe you travel for a year or become someone else entirely, shave your head, dye your armpit hair gold, become vegan, then eat nothing but meat. Who cares? You're the lead in your movie, and one day you'll look back on this time and know you wrote a hell of a good one.


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