The 10 Commandments Of Sexting

Think before you sext.

1. Thou shall not send a nude photo showing your face.
Neck down only, ALWAYS. The last thing you want is be the next victim of a nude photo scandal. If ever it ends up in the wrong hands, at least people won’t recognize you.

2. Thou shall not attempt to text moaning sounds.
Or any sound, for that matter. Typing *ohhh* doesn’t look as sexy as you think. Instead, describe how you feel. (E.g., "I can feel you touching me down there and it feels like heaven.")

3. Thou shall not sext and drive.
Texting while driving is bad enough already. Add being horny and extra distracted to the equation and you’re more likely to get into an accident. Put the phone down and save it for later.

4. Thou shall not forget to double check who you’re sending the sext to.
"Holy shit! I meant to send it to Paolo, but I accidentally clicked Papa instead. Kill me now!" You don’t want that to happen to you, do you?

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5. Thou shall not be shy to play with words.
Too embarrassed to say certain words out loud? Now’s your chance! Once you’re used to typing it, maybe you’ll be brave enough to say it next time you do the deed.

6. Thou shall not ruin the moment by waiting hours before replying to a sext.
The other person will think you’re not interested enough, which will therefore hurt his or her ego. Don’t expect your sextmate to be turned on all day.

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7. Thou shall not forget to use sex toys.
Words have no meaning until they are put into action. The whole point of sexting is to feel pleasure even when your guy isn't around, so go have fun with your toys and keep yourself warm until he gets there.

8. Thou shall not sext during inappropriate times—a mass, a funeral, etc.
Have a little respect. It can wait.

9. Thou shall not participate in other group chats while sexting.
Imagine getting distracted for a second and accidentally sending your sext to your office Whatsapp group which, yes, includes your boss. Horrifying! Close all other apps and stick to regular text messaging for now.

10. Thou shall not sext with strangers.
Not only is it reckless and dangerous, but it can also be considered illegal if you're underage, making it a criminal offense. Yikes! 

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