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The 14 Best Moments In Every Relationship

Yeah, there are probably more than 14...

1. The first time you hang out one-on-one. Nothing is more exciting than letting out all your pent-up crush energy on a first date. It's almost as big a deal as your potential wedding day in terms of stories you'll have to tell over and over. PRO TIP: Don't bring up potential weddings on the first date.

2. That first awkward, nervous pause right before your first kiss. Your first kiss says, "I like hanging out with you, but I also want to make out with you all the time. Let's take this to the next level."

3. The first time you bone. Well, hopefully your first time was a great moment. And if not, you're a very selfless person for sticking with them. 

4. The first time you stay the night instead of abruptly peacing-out like Cinderella the second it hits 2 a.m. Especially if you usually run off into the night immediately after coitus. Well, maybe hobble into the night while trying to put on your pants is a more apt description. My point is, your first sleepover is a big deal.


5. When you did nothing in bed together and it was amazing. The first time you do this, it's cute and romantic. The 90th time you do this, you're codependent agoraphobics. But when you can literally spend all day sharing a tiny square together and doing nothing else, you've got something good going.​

6. The moment you realize their family could also be your family (and you're OK with that). Some people have stupid families. So it's a relief when you meet your partner's and you actually feel at home. Getting along with their family instead of feeling awkward and intimidated is great.

7. When picking your partner up at the airport felt like the best moment in the world. Spending time apart (however long) is rough, but getting to see each other again makes it all worth it. Okay, maybe it would've been better to not be apart in the first place. ​

8. Buying a second toothbrush to keep at their house. You're basically saying, "I'm coming over whenever I want so you can never cheat on me." But also, you know, that you love spending time together.​

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9. When you had an insane fight, but you knew you never wanted to break up. At first glance, this might not seem like this should be labeled a "best moment." But it's fights like these that make you realize you really want to try to make this relationship work. Also, makeup sex., yo!

10. When you accidentally blurted out "I love you" and waited to hear them say it back. In the history of mankind, no two people have ever said "I love you" and then not fumbled through a conversation afterward. Your first declaration of love is always followed by an "I mean..." while you stare at your partner and hope they say it back before you punch out the nearest window and cut your jugular with a shard of glass.​

11. When you went on a couples vacation that still feels like one of the high points of your relationship. Even if it's just an overnight trip, it beats the family trip you took to Palawan with your parents a few years ago.​


12. Getting a dog and realizing you are successfully raising a living thing together. Week 1: It's not dead yet! Week 2: Still living! Week 3: We're a family now: me, you, and Muffins. Just us for the next decade or so. 

13. When you powered through the hard times together, and they seemed a little less hard with your partner by your side. Maybe you lost your job or a family member, or had to get a pretty serious surgery. It might not have been so great, but you were there for each other.

14. Any time you really, truly, just have a day to yourselves. These don't come often enough, and when they do, it feels like the best day ever.

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