The 15 Girls Guys Meet Throughout Their Single Years

Just before he meets The One.

1. The Smart One

She knows a lot. (And by a lot, we really mean A LOT.) Your parents will surely like her because she has a bright future ahead, and you have an 'A' in piggybacking. When you break up with her, she'll turn the whole issue into an excellent academic piece—either a scientific study or a moving piece of poetry—and get an A, of course.

2. The Girl Your Mom Loves

This girl and your mom are BFFs. Your mom tells you it's the perfect time to settle down and she always talks about how cool your mom is. And to be honest, they've got better chemistry than you two.

3. Miss Bossypants

You need to follow her orders or else it's World War III. And the worst thing about them is they don't know how to admit their mistake.

4. Daddy's Girl

She may be in her mid-20s but when daddy is around she starts acting like a seven-year-old kid who gets what she wants or else. When something goes wrong, the first person she'll call is daddy. Oh wait? Isn't that supposed to be your role?

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5. The Partygoer

Ask her where the party is tonight, and she knows. Not only that,  she has friends wherever you go and they have all the funny stories about that time she got wasted and made out with this hot guy.  In case of a breakup, you'll be weeping, while she'll already be out at Valk or something.

6. The Jealous One

"Why did you like her profile picture? Why did you follow her on Instagram? What did you really mean when you told her she’s got a nice dress? Why did you come home this late? You like her, right? Right?"

7. The High Maintenance Girlfriend

She's beautiful, hot, and sometimes you can't believe you snagged her. Be careful though because soon, imaginary butterflies will take refuge where your money used to be in your wallet.

8. The Fashion Girl

She knows what's trendy before anyone else. It's nice to go out with her…until she starts throwing out your favorite clothes in an attempt to make you look like a living, breathing fashion accessory. "NOT MY CARGO SHORTS!" you scream.

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9. The Shy Girl

It takes a loooot of time before you actually  feel like you know her because she's so withdrawn. Over time, you'll realize that you both get along really well, mainly because finally, a girl that lets you talk more than she does. Then you run out of things to say…and it's all downhill from there. Your friends can't even remember her name after you break up.

10. One Of The Boys

She can do what the guys do. She can get along with your friends really well. Too well in fact. You start getting jealous of the other boys she's always hanging out with. Worse, you start getting jealous of the fact that even your own set of bros thinks she’s exactly like you…only cooler.

11. The Playa

Everything seems so right. She's beautiful, sexy and has a good sense of humor but unfortunately, she's not yet in it for the long haul... A modern-day heartbreaker, simply put. Sometimes she even posts "Don't hate the player, hate the game" types of quotes. 

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12. The Obsessive One

You need to update her with what you do 24/7. You need to seek for her approval before you go somewhere. You need to spend most of your time with her or else she'll start doubting  your loyalty. The price of being with her is your freedom.

13. The Lady In The Streets, But A Freak In The Sheets

Here's an old one: She acts like Maria Clara in front of everyone else. And when you get to know her, you'll find out that she's more like Maria Ozawa.

14. The Friend With Benefits

You probably met at the bar/through Tinder. You meet up when you feel like hooking up. You're not so sure what the two of you have because you didn't read our rules for keeping an FWB.

15. The One

She is simply everything you have ever been dreaming of. She is beautiful, smart, funny, and knows how to get along with your friends. Your mom will forget about all the other girls you loved. You love her, she loves you. You've got so much in common. You see your future with her. Your love story is the stuff that fuels sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother.

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The weird part? She could be any of those 14 other ladies mentioned above.

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