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The 17 Best Things About Dating An Athlete

A+ endurance!

1. He makes a fantastic teammate off the court. He’s played with a team for almost all his life, so he knows how to get along with others well. He’s considerate, so you bet he’ll make a great partner.

2. He’s insanely masipag. He’s used to waking up at early hours to start his training, only to end his day training some more. He’s balanced sports with school, career, and his personal life for as long as he can remember, and so he has this incredible drive that makes him so attractive.

3. You wake up with cute good morning messages every day. Because he’s already up before sunrise doing laps in the pool or running around the track. While you were in bed. Getting your beauty sleep.

4. He knows how to humble himself. Even if he’s the most pikon and mayabang player ever, he secretly knows how to accept defeat and take criticism. So unless you’re dating the Biggest Dickhead Known In Sporting History, when you get into an argument, he’ll let you win (if you really deserve to).

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5. Let’s just be honest and admit that he looks insanely hot when he’s playing. Let’s not kid ourselves or deny it. He looks hella good in that uniform. Sorry not sorry for checking him out.

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6. There’s a sense of pride when you see him play. You’re his number one fan…next to his mom. Can’t compete with the woman who gave birth to that superstar, girl.

7. You never have to worry about what to wear when you go out. They live in sportswear. So even if his basketball shorts and tsinelas combo annoys the fuck out of you, you end up not minding it anymore, because that means you can wear whatever you want, too.

8. But when he has to dress up, he cleans up pretty good. When he trades in his jersey and training clothes for a nice polo and jeans during date night, he looks so gwapo and mabango, it makes your mom smile, too.

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9. Your dates are either super chill or super physical. On his off-days, he either wants to a) cuddle on the couch all day and watch movies or TV series, or, b) climb a mountain.

10. It’s so entertaining to watch him eat with his teammates. Like honestly, how is it possible to eat three cups of rice in one sitting???

11. He was born and raised to be competitive, so you’re pushed to have the same attitude. And eventually, you learn to adopt that go-getter attitude and it will take you places in life.  

12. You make instant bros/barkada with his teammates. More friends! Yay!

13. He’s not clingy. Because you’re both busy living your lives according to your goals, dreams, and interests, and that is perfectly fine! Because you support each other fully! There are days when he’s actually clingy, and that’s cute, too.

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14. You get an instant personal trainer. And there will be days when you plan to “run after work” or “jog on Saturday” but instead end up sitting down on a park bench laughing about your plans.

15. He’s ripped in all the right places. No scary borta body, just plain old sexy athletic body. Sexy arms, nice butt, and chiseled calves! Abs are negotiable, tbh.

16. You’ll see and SMELL him at his worst, but that’s okay. Because love is patient. Even if it means enduring a car ride with him after he decides not to take a shower immediately after a game.

17. He has A+ endurance. Work hard, play hard, amiright?!