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The 20 Weirdest Objects People Have Tried to Have Sex With

American Pie was just the beginning.

1. A mattress. 

Martin Gregory was arrested for having " vigorous sex" with a mattress and watching loud porn in public. Unsurprisingly, Gregory had 72 prior convictions at the time of his arrest.

2. An inflatable raft. 
A dude in suburban Ohio was spotted by a neighborhood child getting a little afternoon delight with an inflatable pool raft. UPDATE: It turns out Edwin Tobergta's lust cannot be quenched. He's been arrested a third time for having sex with a pool raft. This time he was standing naked on a local highway having sex with a pink raft. At this point, this story is a toss-up between incredibly depressing and the inspiring tale of a man realizing his dreams, no matter how weird they are.

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3. A drink cart
This drunk guy tried to have sex with a drink cart. We've all been there.

4. A couch. 

It's just like The Notebook, except Ryan Gosling is an ex-con and Rachel McAdams is a couch.

5. A pizza. 
It's not delivery, it's DiGiorno: A Redditor confessed that he had sex with uncooked pizza dough.

6. A picnic table. 
If you're curious about the logistics, it was one of those tables with a hole in the middle to hold an umbrella. Run wild, imagination.

7. A bike. 

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Once again, in Sweden, a man was caught on surveillance camera banging a bike. How one actually does this is unclear, but always wear a helmet.

8. A park bench. 
Surprising: He got stuck and both he and the bench had to be taken to the hospital. Unsurprising: He was described as "lonely and disturbed."

9. Roadkill. 
This caused a huge philosophical discussion about whether or not the deer was still considered an animal because it was dead.

10. An ambulance.

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I think the D.A.R.E. program would've been a lot more effective if they mentioned that taking amphetamines will make you want to have sex with an ambulance.

11.  A Hot Pocket. 
This guy gave it to a Hot Pocket to get more Twitter followers.

12. Airwolf. 
Yes. The helicopter from the TV show. Apparently, it was the most intense sexual experience of his life. 

13. Street signs.

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After this guy was caught, police found two years worth of video footage of him getting on with road signs. 

14. A lamp post. 
In all fairness, lamp posts are like sexier street signs. 

15. The Berlin Wall. 
This woman married the Berlin Wall and claims to have a very fulfilling sexual relationship. She will not go into detail about it, and no one is exactly pressuring her. 

16. A Land Rover. 

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While grabbing a gyro after a night out with the guys, a drunk man decided to hump Land Rover. Fortunately, this produced no half-human, half-SUV children.

17. A stereo system. 
Somehow, this woman who loves a hi-fi system and makes love to it twice a day is having trouble meeting other people

18. A jar of pasta sauce.
A man was found sitting in his car with his penis inside a jar of pasta sauce. Probably the weirdest part of this story is that his dog was also in the car.

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19. A laundry basket.


A woman preferred a laundry basket to her husband.

20. The pavement.
Some guy had sex with the road, which I feel like is not even trying at that point. You're just humping the ground. 


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