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The 8 Things To Know Before Dating A Girl Who Doesn't Date Around

It doesn't mean she's not a guy magnet!

1. She'll feel uncomfortable about the wild dating history of a guy she likes. Because how can she compare to all of those hot girls? And how does she know for sure if he likes her or just wants to get in her pants? Luckily, she's occupied with other things like work or her hobbies to spend time being miserable. The wild dating history isn't also a deal-breaker if it's not suuuuuuper crazy. She's understanding that way!

2. She can get jealous of the girls he's dated, crushed on, and randomly fucked. Hey, we're all jealous girls in one way or another. Not to mention passive aggressive and vengeful, so of course she'll try to make him jealous of the guys she's liked and loved. Love's a game.

3. She can start dating around and hooking up if she wanted to. Of course she can. Anybody can. She might not have tried it before, but who says you have to try everything to know if it's for you? Sometimes you just know, and that's the case for her and sleeping around.

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4. She's only had serious relationships. If some people learn about life and love from dates that failed and didn't go far, she's had her serious relationships to open her eyes. That means she went through some really bad heartbreaks but she's come out strong from them.

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5. She's fun, too. It's not only girls who date around and hook up who are fun. She may not be fun in that way but she's still entertaining, wacky, and engaging. If a guy's not into those things, then it makes everything easier for her: he's not right for her, obvs.

6. She can be wild, too. That kind of fun is reserved for the guy she's committed to.

7. She might have issues, too. There's a stereotype that female serial daters have issues while the girls in long-term or stable relationships have none. But the reality is we all have problems that we can't let go of and can make us a little bit crazy. People just deal with things differently.

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8. It doesn't mean she's not a guy magnet. Just because she doesn't go out with guys, doesn't mean no guys liked her. It's most likely the case they all had a crush on her and wanted to make their move but she was just too busy to date, she was taken, or she was clearly entertaining just one guy.

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