The Evolution Of Panliligaw

The Internet changed EVERYTHING.

The first encounter

You see him in school, at the office, or at a party. The crowd parts, you lock eyes, and then bam! SPARKS FLY.

Now: You spot—okay, stalk—him on Facebook. And then Twitter. And then Instagram. You even Google him, just in case something comes up.

Getting on his radar

Then: You find out where he hangs out, and wait to catch him there. You say a silent prayer that he’s there when you are, otherwise…dammit! Oh well. There’s always next week.

Now: You add him on Facebook. Or he adds you on Facebook. Either way, it’s a start.


Then: He gets your digits—your cell phone AND your landline. You can’t wait to receive texts from him asking how you are, if you’ve had lunch, and whether or not you’re in bed.

Now: You can’t wait to receive texts from him asking how you are, if you’ve had lunch, and whether or not you’re in bed. But until you exchange digits, you can just keep liking his Instagram photos, dropping papansin comments on his status messages, and whenever you’re feeling bold, clicking his name on your Facebook chat sidebar and starting a convo. You’re ~*smooth*~ like that.

Asking out

Then: He nervously calls you up to invite you to dinner Saturday night. His treat. Kilig!

Now: While exchanging messages during the day, you both sort of, kind of agree to meet up for drinks later this evening. Kilig!

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The first date

Then: It’s all kinds of wonderful…and all kinds of awkward. You keep grasping for conversation topics, and nearly die of anxiety whenever there’s so much as a prolonged silence.

Now: You pretty much know all about the dude already, so you handle the chitchat like a pro. Thanks to your daily habit of Facebook-stalking him, you know what TV shows he watches, what band he’s currently digging, and what he had for breakfast the other day. How could you run out of things to say?

Keeping in touch

Then: Texts during the day, phone calls until 2 a.m., emails or Yahoo! Messenger when he’s out of the country. THANK GOD FOR THE INVENTION THAT IS YAHOO! MESSENGER.

Now: Texts during the day, phone calls until 2 a.m., Facebook chat, Twitter banter, Viber messages, Skype video calls, etc. etc. etc. IT’S A MYSTERY YOU DON’T GET SICK OF EACH OTHER.

Sweet extras

Then: A Hallmark greeting card given out of the blue. Sigh. Plus, a giant plush toy from Blue Magic!

Now: A sexy selfie sent during a busy day. #Sigh

Becoming a couple

Then: You tell your closest friends right away. Your siblings, too. Your parents, err, not yet. Maybe later this week.

Now: Everyone knows, because it’s all over Facebook via your relationship status change and all the couple shots you’ve been uploading to all your accounts.

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Not only did your parents find out without you telling them—hello, they’re on Facebook, too!—your aunt in Antarctica whom you haven’t seen since you were in pigtails knows. (Oh look! She just messaged to say that she thinks he’s cute. YASSSS.)

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