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The Love Rules That Keep People Together

Real couples reveal the relationship laws they live by.

1. See each other frequently.

"Friday is our Fridate. Because we usually leave the office late, we just eat dinner somewhere near the office, then he takes me home and we just watch whatever is on our favorite channels. Our Fridates are simple and very casual; we reserve the 'big things' for birthdays and our anniversary." —Kath, 26

2. Make special occasions, well, special.

"For our LDR, we have Skype movie dates every Sunday. For special occasions, we dress up and have formal dates via Skype (which is hard because it's the afternoon where he is and it's night here), and we try to eat the same type of food and wine. We open packages and presents together, and make sure we communicate every day. If we're not on Skype, we're on Viber, we talk on the phone, we e-mailwith the technology today, there's no excuse for us not to communicate! Sending random (sweet or naughty!) emails to our work addresses is also a fun surprise on a hectic work day!" Riasa, 30

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3. Do some things together.

"We promised to never, ever, ever watch a new movie or TV series without the other! Only exceptions are rom-coms for me and horror flicks for him." Camille, 31

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"There are two types of food for us: comfort food and bonding food. Comfort food is something you can eat by yourself, but bonding food is something we both enjoy. So when we're out together, we have only two choices: either steak or ramen!" Dax, 29

4. Be 100 percent present on dates.

"When we're together, we make it a point not to scroll through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter on our phoneseven when the urge is so strong." —Paula, 29

5. Have the same amusing or quirky references. 

"We pepper our conversations with quotes from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, complete with character accents and emotions." Ryan, 36

"We swear by life lessons from Mean Girls. Probably why my wife loves me so much!" Nick, 30

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6. Don't let anger consume you.

"If the other is mad about something (and sometimes we don't get over it immediately), we give each other space, but we don't let more than three days pass without talking to each other again. This allows us both to cool down considerably, but also to not let issues linger without our talking about them. Also, during monthsaries, we don't need to give each other gifts or celebrate by going out. We just make sure we see each other on that day and spend time with each other, even if it's just doing errands or staying home." Ais, 29

"Our golden love rule: Never go to bed angry." Kaye, 29

"No one gets to sleep without giving the other a kiss or saying 'good night' and 'I love you'even when we're not on good terms." Bianca, 26

7. Keep your promises.

"We do a pinky swear on every big-deal promise we make to each other. The pinky promise makes it unbreakable. Our love story began with one, that's why it's so sacred to us." Faye, 32

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This story originally appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine, April 2014. 

* Minor edits have been made by editors