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The Perks Of Dating A Girl Who Travels

She knows the value of home.

1. She loves to have fun. This doesn’t mean she goes clubbing or hooks up with locals or fellow travelers every night. She’ll check out a bar or two, yes. But a true fun-loving person finds enjoyment in a lot of other things. Like people-watching at the park and trying out all kinds of street food.

2. She’s open-minded. She’s seen a whole lot of things and heard the most unsettling stories in her travels. She’s not going to judge you for your radical political views (she probably has them, too) even if you guys are on opposing ends.

3. She’s independent. She’s not going to be annoyingly clingy when her partner is away or sick, and neither will her life be put on hold. She’s actually got a lot going for her. She also won’t be like a helpless child when she’s lost or in trouble. She can gather herself and find a way around things, and she knows when to ask for help.

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4. She likes to explore. She has the inclination to go out there, discover new things, and enjoy life. She doesn’t let her life pass her by.

5. She continues to learn. She’s inclined to try new things, see new places, and know about different perspectives. She loves listening to people’s ideas and stories. And the best thing about all this is that she’s humble and doesn’t think she’s all that. (No matter how awesome she is.)

6. She lives in the moment. When she’s listening to street musicians, you bet she’s LISTENING to every instrument and how they all come together, and feeling the emotion of the song. She’s not just going to mindlessly grab her phone and take a video for her Instagram. So you can imagine that when she’s on a date with a guy, she’s paying attention to the guy. Her mind’s not somewhere else. Okay, maybe she’s undressing him in her head every now and then, but that’s the effect of being in the moment.

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7. She plans for the future. Traveling has taught her the importance of being well-prepared, from what she carries with her to what she should know about a place. So sure, she can be spontaneous and be up for anything (as long as it’s legal). But she’s not going to spend all her cash to book a flight to New York when she’s also saving up for her master’s degree.

8. She sees beauty in everything. The thing about going to different places often is that it inspires you to not just keep your eyes peeled, but to LOOK AROUND AND SEE. It takes someone who knows how to be in the moment (instead of forcing a moment) to see that everything is special in its own way.

9. She knows the value of home. People think that those who travel aren’t satisfied at home. We can’t make that quick (and illogical) judgment, but travelers certainly know its value. They know the importance of having a place to come home to, and they know the value of being surrounded by something familiar. And for those who say a girl who travels can’t settle down, they’re wrong. A girl who travels can make herself comfortable in other places, and can make a home out of them.

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10. She’s adaptable. She can look like the girl-next-door and bike around and laugh out loud with her date. But she can also pull off an Audrey Hepburn for a formal party and astound everyone with her looks and her good manners. And it’s not because she’s being a fake. She’s not! She’s flexible and she’s balanced. She’s PERFECT.

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