The Real Reason Why Men Love Older Women

For most men, there's a certain sex appeal that comes with age and experience.

For most men, there’s a certain sex appeal that comes with age and experience. Just ask Mrs. Robinson. Or Stacy’s Mom.

Or even Ina Raymundo.

Two decades after her sizzling "Sabado Nights" commercial, Ina Raymundo still has the power to make men stare. And her age only enhances her appeal. “I would have to say older women, maybe, are wiser and full of wisdom,” she muses. “There are guys who are attracted to this. I think a huge part of it is due to our confidence.” 

Carelle Mangaliag, author of Love that Works, agrees. “An older woman has gone beyond that ‘ugly-duckling-I’m-not-sure-about-myself-what-do-I-want-to-do-with-my-life’ phase. Success is attractive, confidence is attractive,” she says.

“It is the same for a man,” Mangaliag continues. “If a man is successful and confident, look at all the women who will gravitate towards him.”

Pop culture and increasing gender equality all play a part in enhancing the status and appeal of older women. And younger guys have their appeal to these women, as well. “The younger man represents something to the older woman—fun, adventure, excitement,” says Mangaliag.

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For guys who are dating older women, Ina offers this tip: A little class can go a long way. “You shouldn’t just be drinking beer with her. You can try to drink wine,” she says. “Little things like this can help. Like your wardrobe, for example. If she’s much older than you, you have to dress accordingly.”

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