The Real Reasons Why Guys Suddenly Disappear

Nawala na lang siya ng parang bula.

Most women have probably experienced this: They go out with a seemingly nice guy and constantly message sweet nothings to each other; but as the days pass by, the calls lessen, the conversations become staler, and before you know it, communication is non-existent. He’s nowhere to be seen.

This phenomenon is called "ghosting", and A LOT of women have fallen victim to this. The question is, what causes men to go M.I.A all of a sudden? Here are 4 possible reasons:

1. He’s afraid of commitment.
Constantly going out and being together somehow paves the way to exclusivityand some men are afraid of having to maintain a serious relationship. If they sense that it’s about to get real and they aren't ready for it, they’ll probably do a disappearing act. According to relationship expert Rich Santos, most guys don’t want to commit because they still want to play the field, they're afraid that things won't work out, or they're just not that into you

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2. There's someone else.
It’s harsh but true. Some guys leave you hanging once they meet a girl they like better than you. He obviously won't tell you flat out—one day, you'll just hear something from a friend or see a post on social media that will confirm it.

3. He's still hung up over his ex.
This is another sad truth. Is he always on his phone when you two are together? Does he bring up her name when you two are talking? If he does, it's best not to get your hopes up, and be prepared in case he decides to get back with his ex-girlfriend and ghost on you.

4. He’s not a good communicator.
Not all men will leave you hanging; some are just so bad with communicating that they'll opt to fade in the background rather than tell you straight up that they want to stop dating you. Instead of taking it against them, see it as a lesson learned. It's not your fault that he's gone. Accept the fact that the best thing you can do is to move on.

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