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The Right Way To Mingle With Your Man

You'll be attending a lot of parties and gatherings with your guy this holiday season. Learn how to make a good impression and socialize as a couple.

Give Him A Suave Intro

In the first meet-and-greet, "steer the [convo] to something special he's done," says Matthew McKay, PhD, co-author of Couple Skills. "It gives him a chance to jump in."

Share What You've Shared

"Mentioning something you've done together affirms that you're partners," says McKay. Just limit the "we" talk to your activities, not your relationship.

Let Him Be Wrong

If he happens to screw up one tiny detail, curb your impulse to correct him. "Pointing it out makes you a nitpicker," says Susan RoAne, author of How to Work a Room.

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