The Science Of Flirting

As it turns out, flirting is more effective than looking good.

According to a study on flirting techniques conducted by Dr. Monica Moore, a psychologist at Webster University in St. Louis, attractiveness is not the first thing people look for when they choose whom to approach. What really catches people’s eyes are availability and confidence through different flirting techniques like eye contact and smiling.

We repeat: eye contact and smiling. Not only does it increase your chances of getting noticed, it will also make you look more attractive to the other person.

Another effective technique? Touching (not the PDA kind, mind you). These were categorized into three by Dr. Moore:

1. Friendly: shoulder push, shoulder tap, handshake
2. Plausible deniability: touch around the shoulder or waist, touch on the forearm
3. Nuclear: face touch

She noted that the most effective flirting techniques are the face touch and the waist and shoulder touch. Light arm touches also increased the chances of men succeding in getting girls' numbers.

You should also take into account the context of your location. More formal settings tend to require more obvious flirting to get your intention across.

Hmm...interesting. BRB, gotta practice!


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